Jenny Mustard


Do you know Jenny Mustard?  She’s so much fun! I love watching her videos about minimalism on YouTube.

I don’t know Jenny personally, of course, and my life is nothing like hers but somehow I sense she has a good heart in that healthy body she’s currently walking around Germany.  She hails from Sweden.

Jenny is a vegan, as is her husband, David.  I’d like to head in the vegan direction, but I have a long way to go before I can say I’m meat and dairy-free.  I am working on being more natural and homemade, and whole foods in my kitchen, though.

I made homemade no knead artisan bread this week, and it was sooo, sooo yummy!  Nothing like the wonder bread that I am forced to buy when shopping my regular super markets in NEPA.  I’m planning a whole grain version of the no knead bread this weekend.  I hate to knead yeast breads, and I love the holes that fill the chewy slices when no kneading is done before the baking begins.  Really chewy and wonderful!!

Today, I decided to share one of Jenny’s vlogs here, so that you can know her too.

Again, I love her heart!  Enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “Jenny Mustard

  1. I’ve been “practicing” voluntary simplicity for a long time. I am somewhat ambivalent about Jenny’s message. For one, she is very young, and thinks she knows how she will feel forever, just the way she does now. 🙂 Maybe. Also, from what I’ve seen of the minimalist movement, it’s a little like PETA. Lost it’s way in it’s need to progress, like it’s a competition to see which privileged person can outdo the others on having less stuff. You want to see true minimalism, look at homeless people that live on the street. I’m more Buddhist in living the middle ground and not pretending to be superior to those that do not.

    • I agree with you that some minimalists act like they are a part of a competition. I don’t get that! But unless I’m reading things wrong, Jenny is more authentic than they in her pursuit of a simple life. I think she is swayed to some extent by the hot trend that is is minimalism, but we’re all swayed by something and this trend is huge right now! She does live a privileged life compared to some, but we don’t know what she does with her money–she may be very generous. I don’t get the sense that she is a pretender, and I do think her heart is warm and she is friendly and genuine.

      I also think it behooves those who have, to help those who don’t. Mister and I once let a couple live in a pop-up camper we borrowed from my sister and positioned in our front yard for an entire summer. They had access to our home during that time and ate with us regularly. They also found it hard to follow the few rules we asked of them, like don’t relieve yourself outside. 😦 Thankfully, after a few months they found other living arrangements.

      I’m personally grateful that I don’t have to live on the streets, and I think our country is doing an abysmal job of providing for MH people who are living there because of mental faculties that don’t allow them to help themselves to find housing. In our area, housing is available, but there is a waiting list and a process to go through to get it. I wish that process moved along more quickly, and that MH people living on the streets could all be healed tomorrow.

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