My Fast Fifteen on the Virtues of Minimalism

Five things I love about minimalism…

I spend less money, because I buy less stuff.

When I do buy, I buy quality, because I don’t want to always be having to re-buy stuff.

I don’t have to run through the house picking up stuff in order to make our home “presentable” when company calls to say they’re coming over.

I don’t step on stray items left on the floor in the dark of night anymore.

I get to reclaim the time I used to spend cleaning and instead invest it in other, more joyful pursuits.

Five things I no longer struggle with after discovering minimalism…

Indecision. My choices are now limited and I love it!

Noisy thinking. Now, I have new methods for quieting the noise in my head surrounding home management and the organization of my life.

Clutter everywhere.  Everything having its own home in our house means there is no clutter, only well-organized spaces at home.

Not being able to find what I want.  See no. 3 above.

A workable plan for keeping my home environment under control and eeking out time for my passions, which include loving on people, writing, and pondering the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  By the way, the answer to that one is 42.

Five reasons why minimalism is the right choice for me…

Perfectionistic tendencies I had have been quieted as I quit forcing myself to constantly arrange and rearrange things to my current liking.

I love a clean space and minimalism gives me that in spades.

There are no rules for how to do this, so my way is the right way every time.

When I have too many choices I freeze up. Now that my choices are limited I find I feel freer than ever.

I no longer feel I need to spend my hard-earned money on junk and regret it later.  Through minimalism, I’m able to buy high end items without regret because I know they will serve our family for decades and never go out of style.  I always wanted to shop this way, and did sometimes, but often felt I couldn’t justify the price tag on good quality items when cheaper versions were available.  Now, because I’m not freely spending all the time, I have the reserves necessary to judiciously spend and spend well when something new is needed.  I love the feeling of a good pair of shoes, good furniture that will last for decades, and good quality foods bought without angst.

There you go! My Fast Fifteen reasons for loving minimalism and embracing it today.

What are you doing lately to live a simpler life?  Do you have a Fast Fifteen reasons for loving the way you’re living today? What are they?