I’m Grateful


As we move through mister’s Shingles outbreak, I can say I’m grateful for…

Oct 29:

Medications like antivirals, helping to abate the Shingles virus.

Time with the mister, and the ability to serve him while he’s sick.

Beautiful days in NEPA, like yesterday.

The chance to pull back from problem solving for family, if only for a short time and because of sickness.

An improvement in my sciatica;  I’ve been 4 days without pain killers!


Deer that keep hubs animated as he gazes outside from his recliner.

Oct 30th:

Family that brings Sudoku books and venison/veggie soup when sickness strikes.

Our God, who sustains us in times of trouble.

The ability to refrain from stress-eating while under duress.

Little grey schnauzers who love us unconditionally.

Oct 31st: 

Another beautiful fall day in NEPA!

Continued opportunities to live simpler lives by freeing our home of stuff.

A good report from the eye specialist, although some concerns remain.

The Healing Journey classes. I love the group dynamic and the feeling of hopefulness this class leaves with me.

The sense that there is an unseen Hand guiding us through this shingles process.

Fellow writers who trust me to provide feedback on their writing.

Poems and music that move my soul!

This blog.




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