Childhood Pleasures


Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie, who’s not ready, hollar “I”!

Do you remember that game we played when kiddos?  Hide and Seek!  I personally played it in the hay field, under the pole light, around the back of the house and in the bushes on the farm.  I played it in the corn field and in the side yard at gramma’s house, and by the river bank where I learned to swim.  I played in the front yard of my neighbor’s house, and in the snow drifts along the side of his garage.  The hay mow, the back forty, the upstairs bedrooms on rainy days–any place was the right place to play hide and seek because it was that much fun!

We’d giggled and ran, and jumped and hid, and we never tired of the constant entertainment hide and seek provided.  It was grand fun!

This morning, though, I’m wondering about my hiding ways.  When did I become so good at isolation?  When did pulling back become more important than pushing forward? When did parsing out my words and being careful about what I say become more important than running and giggling, and engaging in fun with my friends?

Back then, we didn’t scrutinize each other before playing hide and seek. If you had a voice, two legs, and interest in the game, you were “in.” Nothing else mattered, except for the location of the best hiding place ever.  I smile even as I write those words, because I once found a hiding spot that nobody discovered and there I sat, alone, silent, forgotten while the game progressed.

While that place behind the milk house seemed like a good hiding spot, in reality it wasn’t.  It was too remote, too dark, too out-of-the-way to be considered, let alone found. And it was too far away from goal for me to run out of that spot and home, before being “caught.”

It was a bad spot I found myself in behind the milk house.

Today, I’m remembering how much fun it was to get out there and play without many rules, without much discrimination, and without a Master Plan.  We just were: kids, having fun with other kids, for hours.

I wonder?  Can I recapture some of that mystery of childhood and apply it to my life today, as an adult?

Will it work? What do you think?  Leave your comments in the section provided below.  Let’s see if you can hide a little child-like wisdom there for me to find.  I love hide and seek, and I love, love pumpkin pie. How about you?

Did you enjoy playing Hide and Seek as a kid? Where was your favorite hiding place?