3 New Goals

Its time to set new goals for another week.


1  Replace the windshield in the car and get it inspected.

2  Create a concrete Plan of Action to aid in staying focused over the next three months.

3  Begin again with daily oatmeal and exercise.


Goal No. 1  EXCELLENT!  Car has new windshield and new inspection sticker. It also has new windshield wipers.  Total spent: $228.15

Goal No. 2  GOOD!  I spent some time putting together an Action Plan this week and discovered two things as a result. 1.  It’s hard to plan 3 months in advance beyond the mundane and habitual, and 2. I really don’t enjoy doing this. It will not be a goal of mine going forward. I will never totally give up my planning ways, but focusing on them to the exclusion of other things makes me crazy and rigid, and nobody wants that-believe me!

Goal No. 3  YES!!!  I have eaten my oatmeal and exercised every day this week. Yay!  Some of the exercise has been painful and hard, but I did it anyway. Yay, me!


Stay on track with daily exercise and oatmeal.

Mindfully eat and write.

Create a list of things that fuel joy in my life and share that list.


I focus too much on what I do wrong, instead of what I do right.

I still lack the level of joy I seek in this place (see above observation).

Consistency is the key to habit formation.

For every voice there is another opinion.

Social media may be the devil.

My faith is my hope!

What goal will you set for yourself this week?  Where do you see yourself improving?




3 thoughts on “3 New Goals

  1. LOL, I completely agree that social media may be the devil! 😉 It’s hard to remember back 15 years ago when it did not even exist! Congrats on hitting your goals!

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