Pumpkin-Eating Deer


Funny story:  As I was getting ready for work this morning mister pulled open the curtains in the living room and gasped.  He was face-to-face with a deer who was trying to steal one of the little pie pumpkins we had put on the front porch for decorations.  As hubs pulled back the fabric on the curtains, the stealer was trying to get his teeth around the pumpkin stem.  Needless to say, both mister and the deer were shocked and surprised by the other, and only inches apart at the time. The deer broke first and ran away, taking his family with him.

After the initial shock wore off and we laughed about the incident, hubs threw the rotting pumpkins that remained on the porch out into the hay field so the whole deer tribe could enjoy them.  They’ve now become their treat. Last thing I want to do is invite the deer up onto the porch. Can you imagine?  They do crazy things and I do not want that kind of surprise when stepping out the door in the morning.

No thank you!

As for the pumpkin throwing:  Yeah, that guy I married, he’s got an arm on him. Whoa, those things just flew.  I think he could of played for the majors!

He could’ve been a contender!!