Goals for Another Week

dsc_1097This week I returned to the world of reality.  While I was glad to be home after several days on the road, I also miss the alone time me and mister had while vacationing; the adventure of it all, the pampered feeling that comes of having someone else do the laundry, the luxury of having others make our meals for us and clean up afterward.

I guess I’m not alone in being sad when vacation times end, but it’s good to get back to my 8-4 routine, too.

I’m really glad to be setting some goals for myself again. Here goes…


1  Replace the windshield in the car and get it inspected.

2  Create a concrete Plan of Action to aid in staying focused over the next three months.

3  Begin again with daily oatmeal and exercise.


Maine does not have as many moose running around as advertised.

Cars can be hard to figure out, especially when you have a mystery problem to solve and you’re an experienced procrastinator.

Having family to depend upon in the lurch is an amazing thing. Likewise, good friends who encourage me are a gift from God!

Decompression therapy helps. I may actually be able to move again soon without dehumanizing pain.

It is not all that easy to find time to write when you have a companion traveling with you.

Literal thinkers have a hard time vision-casting and dreaming about the future.

Putting in writing what MY PERFECT DAY would look like has been an eye-opening experience.  I am definitely not where my heart wants to be right now, but I have a better idea of what I need to do to get there.

Are you setting any goals for yourself this week? What would you like to achieve in the next seven days?







3 thoughts on “Goals for Another Week

  1. Sounds like some challenging times on the roller coaster in life. This is where the 3P’s come in handy; patience, persistence and passion. Good look on creating your ACTION PLAN.

    • Working on the Action Plan today. Trying not to be too ambitious, but I’m excited to actually be thinking about adding exercise back into my routine. Feeling good enough to at least attempt it, and besides, I promised.

      The 3P’s! Yes, I will be practicing them all in this round of challenges. Thanks for your encouragement. It matters! 🙂

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