Vacation Pictures

Our first stop on our way to New Hampshire was this roadside attraction.


I think this must have once been a ski resort, but regardless of what it once was it is now a great view of what’s to come as you enter into New Hampshire.  The trees were just beginning to turn when we neared this spot. Too bad we weren’t a week or two later in our travels.  By next week, I bet this view will be ablaze with color.

This site had a gift shop attached to it, and look what I found inside…


Ha!  I loved it and had to take a picture to share with you all once I had a chance to post something to the blog.

Always up to some hyjinx, this one!


He insisted I take a picture of him in this wayyyyy oversized Adirondack chair.  We saw these several places throughout New Hampshire.  Kinda like the moose statues in Vermont and the horses in Rochester, I guess.

We arrived at The Margate Resort in Laconia, NH just before sunset.


We took it all in, then played for a while on the beach, giddy as two kids to finally have arrived at one of our all-time favorite spots!



dsc_1030My pedicure took a beating in that sandy surf, but I didn’t care.

Soon, golden beams of sunlight kissed the day good-bye and ushered in the night along Lake Winnipesaukee.


It was grand!!!

When was the last time you had sand between your toes?  Does your inner kid come out while on vacation?