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As part of today’s blog post, I’m going to begin a new format with my Thursday goal and habit formation posts: TGT, or Three Goals Thursday.  This new format will include four sections.  Each section will have a header, and those headers will read:

LAST WEEK’S GOALS-where I will remind you of what my goals were this past week.

HOW I DID!-Where I report my progress, both successes and failures.

OBSERVATIONS-Offers more details and insight into my struggles and achievements.

THREE TEENY, TINY GOALS-New goal list for the new week.



As you know, I had three very small goals last week. They were:

1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.


We’ve had another great week over here in NEPA!

Goal No. 1  EXCELLENT!  I can confidently report this week that I have followed the path of recovery laid out for me by professionals, and I have done all my chiropractor asked me to do.

Goal No. 2  EXCELLENT!  I have started to feel very comfortable with picking a different simple living project to focus on each weekend, while through the week I continue to read and study about minimalism and share what I’m learning with others.  I’m so thrilled with this new phase in life that I’m sure everyone is thinking, “Will you just shut up about all your cleaning. It’s just cleaning, for crying out loud!”  Little do they know how much deeper this thing has gone with me than mere cleaning.  I’m developing a whole new perspective on life because of this new understanding I’m gaining of what it means to be materialistic and how the the trappings of life can cut off the flow of joy.

Goal No. 3 STELLAR!  I didn’t give myself an excellent rating on this goal because I don’t have an Action Plan that is formally styled, typed, and hung on my wall.  Those things matter to me for some reason.  I have made concerted efforts to eat the rainbow this week though, and water consumption is up!  I do have an Action Plan.


FaceBook is a pain in my backside some days, and yet so addicting.  I have one person who asked me to add her to my friends list a while back, but never ever indicates that she has read my posts, or gives any encouragement about anything I share there.  I’m not sure why people ask to be included in my life when they don’t want to partake of it.  Thinking about what I should do about this, if anything at all.

My chiropractic treatments have not been achieving success quickly enough for me.  On Thursday of last week, I had this extended gripe session with myself.  I’m impatient for this therapy to work so I can get back to some form of exercise on a regular basis. I complained that I don’t see any appreciable difference in my condition/pain levels past those first two days of treatment, when I slept so well.  I’d been at this for all of three weeks and figured I should be feeling better. Of course I logically know this is not the case, but in my emotional brain felt like this was taking too long, and asked myself, “Why am I wasting my time and money on this, and why am I giving myself false hope?”  Yeah, it was bad.

Don’t you know, on the following Saturday I had no pain all day!  No numbness, no hot spots, no tingling and with no pain meds, all day and through the night! Bamm!!!  Take that, Lori!!  The bad news is that the pain returned on Sunday and it was there Monday, Tuesday….you get it, but, I am in less pain.  I am sleeping better.  My mood is improved.  I guess I best focus on being all I have to be thankful for, hunh?!!!!

As my pain has been decreasing, my spiritual sense of well being has been increasing!  A decision I’ve made to not buy anything I don’t need has been an unexpected source of joy.  Silly, I know, but I feel joyful about not spending money.  Weird.  Temptations to buy have come and gone, but I have not bought things I didn’t need. This is HUGE and I’m guessing can only impact life in a positive way for me and hubs.  We want to travel to GA this coming February, to stay with friends over a long weekend. The money we save now can be used then to enjoy that time and make memories.  Yeah, that brings joy!

As for the glimmers of inspiration, this:  I have written a well-received Friday Fiction short story, I have produced some penetrating and fearless journal entries that have addressed personal issues with me in a satisfying way, and I have experienced a rare piece of intuition that although it was not spot-on, led to the fixing of a hidden problem with our car that could have been a serious issue. Serious enough that I would have had to purchase a new car.  These are true encouragements to my soul and are helping to bolster my faith in the process.


Keeping goals the same for one more week.  These are too good to mess with right now!!!

What are you doing to improve your odds this week?  What is one goal you’re willing to work on as a project of self-care?


4 thoughts on “TGT-Sept 15

  1. Patience is certainly required to work through your health concerns, however, a treatment plan should include anticipated tangible progress. This doesn’t mean the percentages hoped for are all reached, but rather that the course of care and frequency are meeting reasonable expectations. ALWAYS discuss any concerns with your doctor. Don’t keep it bottled up festering. The better in sync the two of you are, the better the typical results.

    I like your new layout for your post. You seem to be doing exceedingly well and appear to be enjoying your progress. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you, Dr. Jonathan for your encouragement regarding my patient visits. I am making progress, just not as quickly as I would like. My new Chiro says he’s confident he can get me back to 90% function. That would be wonderful, but of course I’m hoping for even better. How ‘bout 98%!! Woohoo, that would be great. As for those conversation with my provider, well, I’m an introvert and often embarrassed to have to ask for help of this kind, so discussing my gripe about not making quicker progress would be very difficult for me, but for the sake of health I’m willing to try. God has given me a gift in allowing me to string a few words together into relatable statements on paper and computer screens, in order to communicate with the world around me, but I will admit that introverted as I am, and caring as I do about how my negativity might impact another’s self-esteem, it’s hard for me to critique anyone face-to-face. I do it, but I don’t enjoy it. How would you suggest I start such a conversation–you, having been on the receiving end of those types of things?

      Thanks for your feedback on the new format for Thursday posts. I’m hoping it will help me be more succinct in my sharing and make the TGT updates more readable. Focus is good, right?

  2. Your concern is not contentious and his response should not be confrontational. You should ask him for an objective time range (ex. 3 weeks, 6 weeks, etc…) to see a level of improvement YOU’RE seeking based on a range of 1-10. You should express the LOWEST acceptable level that will provide you value with the services he is offering. As the time range is reached, a re-evaluation is performed. He should provide you objective parameters of improvement (if they have improved) such as range of motion, improved proprioception (if he performed a test having you stand on two separate scales to determine how you carry your weight,) changes in any orthopedic testing performed, tenderness on palpation including trigger points, etc… He should also review your subjective complaints and see what kind of improvement has taken place.

    Doctors are HUMAN. His goals may come up short, but if they are reasonable and close and he is willing to adjust the treatment plan to help facilitate better results, he is doing his job. I hope he has provided you “homework” to handle YOUR component and responsibility to restoring function and health to the body. It is a TEAM effort.

    If his treatments are providing (on average) limited perceived improvement, he MUST be notified so he doesn’t continue to provide the same exact treatment protocol. If he is under the impression you are feeling better and satisfied with his care, he WILL continue down the same path. It is IMPORTANT you share your concerns so BOTH OF YOU can benefit from the information.

    • He did an evaluation when we began and went over a treatment plan with me. Last session, he asked me to fill out a form evaluating my levels of pain and letting him know where I was along that 1-10 recovery line, but didn’t go over that with me. I’m horrible at self-evaluation. Maybe he will go over it next session. He’s moving slowly because I complained about pain last time I went this route. I have historically bad knees in my family, so I can’t take the pressure stuff with knees pressed to chest.

      He has not performed a test having me stand on two separate scales to determine how I carry my weight, and no changes in any orthopedic testing were performed, as far as I know. He did xray spine while I turned to the side. Trigger point is that left pelvic area next to the spine.

      I just feel like I should be feeling more relief. Maybe not. I think we are going to try the decompression table next week, or the week after. I’ve had 9 sessions so far, so maybe I’m asking too much. Am I asking too much?!

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