Blessed Relief!!!!!!!!!!


Can I just say…last night’s sleep was blissful! 

After a quick visit with my sister-in-law and a bite to eat, I was in bed by 8:31pm.  When I at first laid down, I thought I’d just take a lil nappies and then get up and watch some TV before eventually heading to bed for the night, but that mattress looked so inviting and my eyelids were so heavy that the resurgence never came.

I was out for the count!  At 8:30pm!  Wow!!!

I credit my good sleep last night to the fact that Dr. N worked on me yesterday.  He’s the new chiropractor.  I had my first session with him yesterday, after work.  Ten minutes on the rolling bed thingy, followed by a few gentle and quick manipulations is all it amounted to, but what relief.  It did me good to go to that appointment.  Doc forgot to give me my stretching exercises before I left though, those exercises he stressed as being integral to the healing process. I will have to rib him about that tonight, when I return for my second visit.

Seriously, though, I would not have imagined that what he did yesterday would have produced the results it did for me last night.  Maybe it was a fluke, but I hope not.  I cannot remember having any numbness or sensations of prickly nerves in my leg or foot, and no back pain last night as I slept.  Woohoo!!!  This just might work!

Dr N has scheduled me to see him three times a week for 8 weeks.  He says he feels confident that he can relieve 85-90% of my pain issues with treatment, and then will create for me a maintenance plan that I can follow going forward.

Immediately following my session last night I experienced these symptoms:

A headache that went away after a few minutes.

The inability to sit in a chair comfortably (this was between the rolling bed and manipulation. Afterward, I sat for the ride home in the car and did fine).

Tingling in my right fingertips, not my affected side.

Pain in the toes attached to my left leg, which is where the sciatica pain shows up.  Hadn’t had that before, but it subsided pretty quickly.


The roll bed hurt, I will confess.  My problem area is L4 and L5, near my lower back and above my tailbone. The tailbone and pelvic region did not like that hard roller forcing it up and out of shape. I guess that’s to be expected. Doc says toward the end of the eight weeks, it will feel like heaven.  We’ll see.  That was the most painful part of last night’s visit, and well within the ranges of my pain tolerances.  Heck, I’ve waited nearly two years to seek help, so that bed, that was nothing!

Two big takeaway from this first visit at the Chiropractic office are these:  (1) Sleep without pain is the best. (2) Hope is returning to my weary soul.

When have you slept the best ever?  Do you see a Chiropractor, and if so, what part of the process do you love or hate the  most?


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  1. koolaidmoms says:

    L4 & L5 is exactly where my arthritis is and I have trouble with my piriformis that bothers my hip awful. Hope you find relief soon. It is awful when it acts up.

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