I was in Rochester this past weekend.  It was good to see the wee ones, but it was a lil cold, I thought.  Sleep was hard, as it always is on the living room couch.  Babes were up early, going, going, going all day long.

Were my boys that ambitious when they were that age? 

The kiddos have a cat. It yowls in the early morning hours and when I awaken it’s always perched on the back of the couch, with it’s tail hanging down, looking at me.  Staring right at me. It’s creepy. Rugan is a long-haired orange tiger, which means my clothes are COVERED with cat hair when I leave there. COVERED!!!  Ugh, I hate cat hair!!  I like the cat, but wish she didn’t shed soooooooooooooo veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday was pretty much burned up with a trip to the mall, trying to get three iphones that were given to us connected to our network. Two had cracked screens that had to be mended before transferring our data to them.  Then there was that long wait at both Verizon and the Apple store.  Now we all had to re-learn the cell phone shuffle.

How in the world do these things work?!!

At one point we headed to the food court, because hey, if you’ve gotta wait you might as well eat too, right?  In reality, one of us wasn’t interested in food earlier, at lunch time, so he wanted to grab a bite while we waited.  Bad idea! I ordered something big and full of sugar (to share, to share).

I’ll admit, I was stressed and this treat is a love of mine, but this time it was a disappointment.  Not worth the calorie load!  I decided to let others enjoy this communal treat without me, while I got out my tablet from my purse and began writing.


Serenity Prayer said, I began a list with the header:


That we are here and this is taking too long.

That I cannot leave or go off on my own.

That others around me are moody, tired, cranky, and bored.

The conversation that others are having around me.

I then followed that up with another header:


My attitude and thought patterns.

My willingness to go along with the group.

My eating.

My spending.

Finally, I made a Gratitude List:

I’m thankful for these wee ones. They are precious and although they do have a lot of ants in their pants today, I’m glad for that, because it means they are healthy and vital.

I’m thankful for friends and family that support me in my efforts.  My mom is celebrating another birthday this week. I’m glad she is still with us!

I have a comfortable home I love, a car that runs, money in the bank, and a new challenge to live more simply. These all bring me joy. I’m thankful for each one.

I have this time to spend with the kiddos, and resources to get me here and back again.  And look, there is a coffee shop that’s serving decaf salted carmel java on ice for a discounted price today. Woohoo!  Gonna get me some o dat, right now!

When have you felt overwhelmed by an uncontrollable situation?  How often do you meditate or make lists that remind you how lucky you are?