Express Yourself

000love note Sometimes, out of nowhere, I’ll get the urge to send this note to a friend or kiddo of mine:  Love you! Just sayin’…

Once in a while I will get that same message sent to me. Out of nowhere, and unsolicited, it comes.

It’s a lil thing, this act of love, but huge in scope.  It lets the receiver know they are on my mind, that they are loved, that they are thought of and that they matter. The best part of all:  no response is required.

When I send these, the ones who receive them know they don’t have to write back, don’t have to call, aren’t expected to do anything.  They know those words simply mean they are on my mind.

I wonder if the world would be a better place if everyone started this habit of sending little love notes with no strings attached to the people they care about?  I wonder the difference it would make.

Let’s test the theory today and see what the results might be.

This morning, think of someone you love but haven’t talked to in a while.  Send them “the” text or email, or write them a note or a card and slip the words inside. Everyone loves getting mail, even snail mail.  Everyone!!!

What little thing do you do with family and friends to express your warm regards for them?  When have you received a love note?