Horse Sense


A stallion I’m not, but neither a nag.

No more harness.

No more whip.

No more bit in the mouth for this filly.

No more!

Now, I’m free to kick up my heels if I want to.

Free to race through the pasture, splitting the wind as I go.

Free to say what I want, whinny if I will, and blaze a new trail that leads where I want to go.


When have you gotten free of an entanglement you regretted? How long has it been since you ran against the wind?


4 thoughts on “Horse Sense

  1. I was inspired many years ago to make this a path in life instead of an event to experience. I am thankful to all those people that shared this vision and helped make it a reality.

    • I wish I had made believing in myself my path a lil sooner, but the good news is I’m gainin’ on ya! 😉

      Thanks for all your encouragement and every informational blog you post. They matter!!! 🙂

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