Goal Update

Two days into my new week’s goals and I have walked twice and fasted once.


I’m burning this thing down!!  🙂

Refining Self

000strong womenSelf-pity:  pity for oneself, especially a self-indulgent attitude concerning one’s own difficulties, hardships, etc.

Honest Question No. 1: At what point could self-concern and self-care morph into self-pity?

Honest Questions No. 2: How might one course correct, if he found himself indulging in a bit of self-pity?

Honest Question No. 3: Is self-pity real?

Your thoughts?

What is the antidote for self-pity?  When, if ever, is self-pity appropriate?


Three Goals-June 16th

TGT mast headJune 16th.  June 16th!  Really, it is June 16th already?  Where is my summer going?  I don’t like it…that way summer days pass faster than winter days.  I don’t like it at all.

That said, I’m on to my TGT post for today.


1  Continue on with IF-g my way through the week, fasting at least twice this week and eating only veggies for lunch at least twice.

2  Try again to get those passports in the mail.

3  Ride the bike or walk three times this week.


Goal No. 1 GOOD! I met my goal for fasting this week, choosing to by-pass breakfast three times.  I ate only veggies for lunch one day, so slipped a lil on that piece of the puzzle, but still feel good about my progress with the eating overall.  We were in the north country over the weekend and that’s always hard, but I tried to eat as well as I could and think I did okay there.  Not as many raw veggies got in me, but while others were eating pizza one night, I had a grilled chicken salad. Not too shabby.

Goal No. 2 OKAY.  I worked on this one this week and found that I don’t need my marriage license to get my passport, but I do need my birth certificate. The original from the county in which I was born.  Mr and me have these certificates, but darn if we can find them.  No passports yet, so this one goes back on my list.  My goodness, is there anyone who has more trouble with things like this than me?

Goal No. 3 YES!  I rode my bike this week, but I did not walk outside the house. I need to step it up a lil with this goal.  However, with regards to bringing the balance back, I did get to bed early several nights this week.  Now, one of those nights was interrupted by a 4am wake-up call with fretting on the side, but that doesn’t negate the fact that I led a more balanced life regarding sleep this week and I’m happy about that.


Because my goals are good goals at this point, and because I still haven’t gotten our passports, I am going to do a do-over for this week.  All the goals I had last week, I will again work on this week.  Yay!

Can you believe we are in the middle of June already?  What fun or fantastical goals are you working on this summer?


A Bad Night-A Good God!

I know not everyone believes in a creator God who watches over the inhabitants of the earth, but I do.

I’ve been frustrated lately and this morning found me ready to surrender my will, if only for the shortest period of time.  I was ready…to hear, to learn, to see, and to change today.

I woke up at 4am this morning and could not get back to sleep. I was fretting. Fretting about something I shared in a vulnerable moment yesterday.  Something that colored an others opinion of me. Something I had not shared before.  I hate that!


I hate that I fret.

I hate that I’m sometimes vulnerable.

I hate not being able to be authentic without feeling violated.

I hate being awake at 4am when I have to get up for the day at 6am!!!

This week has been stressful. I’ve been busy, and just come off a weekend with the wee ones, which is especially taxing when we are north of NEPA and sleeping on couches for two nights.  I should have taken Monday off.  I wasn’t needed up north, as expected though, so I decided to do what I could to see that everything went off smoothly for a party we had at work Monday.  It did, but it cost me.

All this to say that when I prayed and meditated this morning, God showed up in a powerful way.  It was as if He knew exactly what I needed to hear, and as if the words written by Oswald Chambers and the author of the devotional over at The Seeds 4 Life were written with me in mind.  I’m grateful.  I encourage you to check out both offerings today.  You’ll find Oswald’s words in My Utmost for His Highest on June 15th and The Seeds 4 Life devotional here.   Enjoy!

I hope you all slept soundly through the night last night.  I hope I can catch up on my sleep tonight.  I have another big family gathering on July 2nd. Between now and then I need to fortify myself so that I can be ready.

Thanks for leaving some encouragement in the comments section below.

What will you do over the 4th of July weekend?  When was the last time you woke up at night fretting over something you’d said, done, or seen?

TGT June 9, 2016

TGT mast head

Last week I set about on a journey to meet three teeny, tiny goals in my life.  Here is what they were:


1  Continue practicing my IF-ing plan, 2-3 days this week.

2  Bring back the balance in life by intentionally planning better with regards to fun, food, family, and future planning. We go to get our passports tomorrow. Yippeee!

3  Walk at least 3 times this week.

Here is how I did…

No. 1 GREAT!  I was able to continue on with my IF-g experiment, fasting three times this week.  Twice at breakfast; once at dinner time.  Yay!

No. 2 OKAY!  Went to get our passports last week, but did not have a copy of our marriage license for verification that we are who we say we are.  I’m still trying to figure out if I really need that document to get my passports, or not.  If not, I will try again next week. Does anyone know???

No. 3 GOOD!  I say I did a good job at this goal because I didn’t really walk this week at all, but I substituted riding the bike for the walking, so I did the extra exercise, just not on the pavement, but in my home.  I will consider that a win!!! The point was the extra calories expended, not the mode of expenditure, so I think I’m okay.


1  I will continue on with IF-g my way through the week, fasting at least twice this week and eating only veggies for lunch at least twice.

2  I will try again to get those passports in the mail.  All part of bringing the balance back–a lil fun travel this summer!

3  I will ride the bike or walk three times this week, hoping to enjoy the out of doors a lil more.

Well, there you have it-my three teeny, tiny goals for another week.


My SIL and Mr and Me are headed up to Saratoga Springs this summer, to enjoy the area and take in a few horse races at the tracks.  My SIL is horse-crazy, and Mr likes them well enough to ride but not own, following Mercedes’ passing.  We are so looking forward to this trip together!  I love this area, and so does the Mr.

Tonight I go to meet with the new life coach/spiritual director/buddy and pal.  I’m nervous, but excited-nervous, if you know what I mean.  I’m not in crisis with my life, or any thing close to that, but I am bored, distracted, wondering, “Is this it?  All there is?”  I’m hoping this gent can help me reshape my attitude and begin again.  Yeah, I’m anxious-excited, so if you’re the praying kind, remember me at 7:30 tonight.

I really, really, really want to do some work around the lawn this summer.  I would like a new stone walk-way to the front door, and I asked Mr for a weeping cherry tree for my birthday. We still have to go get that new addition to the yard, but I would also like to trim back some of the bush encroaching on our yard, and get a ditch dug on the upper side of the drive way that is more like a french ditch than the stupid ditch we had dug two summers past.  Ugh, Contractors.  Some are great, others, not so much. This guy, NOT MUCH AT ALL!

Okay, so that’s it for me this afternoon. I hope wherever you are, the sun is always shining and the giggles never stop!

What teeny, tiny goal will you put in place in your life this week?  What have you been putting off, but could maybe start now?


Me & My Baggy Pants!

Attention Ladies:  If you want to feel good about yourself all day, wear baggy pants!


I’m smiling as I pen this post, because this morning I did something silly.  Thinking I had grabbed the right slacks for my day job, I actually put on slacks I had pulled from the dresser last week when sorting through clothes looking for an old shirt to do a dirty job.

These slacks are two sizes too big!

You might think, “Well, how in the world did she not notice they were two sizes too big when she pulled those slacks on this morning?”  Good question!

The reason I didn’t recognize that my slacks were too big this morning is because I’ve returned to my habit of eating only veggies for lunch each day.  Because of this return to what worked for me in the past I have lost a couple pounds, making my slacks fit more loosely than in recent days. When I put these slacks on this morning, I did notice they were loose, but I attributed the fact that I didn’t have to suck-in-my-breath-to-get-them-on to better eating habits and losing weight again.

Ha!  The jokes on me!

The worst part of this silly mistake is that these pants are really, really saggy and baggy and I have to wear them all day long. Ugh!  They feel ridiculous on me, and I’m sure they look ridiculous, too.

Oh, well, like the Mr says, “There’s no point in being dumb if you don’t show it once in a while.”  I’m not sure where he got that rather self effacing concept from, but the thought kinda fits his Mrs today.  I do look a lil dumb in these slacks.

Maybe its time to cull through the old clothes again, and at the very least box up some of these bigger sizes and store them away.  I hold onto them for comparison, but maybe its time to give up on that. Maybe.

What crazy thing did you do in your recent past that made you feel foolish?  Do you hold onto clothes that are too big for you? Why?

Rules and Advice


There are so many rules in life.  Do this, don’t do that, and don’t forget about the other thing.  So many rules!

Life is also full of advice.  Do this, don’t do that, and don’t forget about the other thing.

So much advice-everywhere!

Some  might find all these rules and all the advise off-putting, but not me.  I find it comforting to have boundaries established and publicized, and I love advice offered in a spirit of cooperation.  I have profited aplenty from the good advice of good people who wanted to help me.  I have also profited from the advise of others who wanted more to criticize what I was doing than help me find my way.  Both channels of information are valuable, and both can be used by me to get me further along the path to recovery, if I have ears to hear and can sort the good from the bad.

Today and last week I begin again to eat only veggies at lunch time.  Lots of veggies!  This is a POE (plan of eating), that has profited me in the past.  Its working now, too.

My advice to my readers: Eat more veggies! They’re good for you!  That is all for now.

Eat More Veggies!

What is your plan of attack for lunch time these days?  Are you eating enough veggies?