Why such thin skins?

000thin skinCan you please tell me why everyone is so thin-skinned these days?

Every statement if picked apart.

Every declaration digested.

Every opinion put under the microscope…

…and everybody has hurt feelings!


I think we all need to toughen up a lil bit.

Just a lil bit!

Well, everyone but me…  😉

When have you dealt with someone who was notoriously thin-skinned?  Do you think people are too easily offended these days?


5 thoughts on “Why such thin skins?

  1. I get my feelings hurt very easily. I attribute it to my parents being very strict and critical. Either that or astrology. It’s easier to lose weight than to grow thicker skin!

    • I don’t think I get my feelings hurt too easily, not overall, but with some touchy subjects, yes.

      Thick skin seems to be in small supply these days. I’m not sure I like where we’re going with all this PC stuff. 😦

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