Great devotional over at The Seeds 4 Life today, and the place were I got my inspiration for this post. Check it out here.

Walter Cronkrite.  A handsome man doing an honorable job!

Walter Cronkite at News Desk

Promotional portrait of American broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, mid 1950s.

I mean, come on…look at that penetrating stare.  Can you even imagine what is going on behind those eyes?

I love the name Walter, or Walt.  My grandfather’s name.  It old-fashioned, sturdy, firm.  He was a renaissance man, my grand-dad. A jack-of-all-trades.  Master of some–mostly pinochle and motor boating.

He was out-spoken and loved to argue.

Oh, that man loved to argue, but he was principled, loving, smart, hard-working, and in his hay-day and career years at IBM, resembled this image of Mr. Cronkite. What a guy, I miss him!

If the world had more men like Walt and Walt, we’d be a whole lot better off.

Who are you missing today?  What trade are you a Cracker Jack at?

2 thoughts on “Success

  1. I am a master at knowing my limitations and a genius at finding skilled individuals to do the job RIGHT the first time. I fully understand how to stay out of people’s way and to avoid micro-managing. It costs a few dollars, but it reduces the stress of wasting my time doing the task inefficiently and half a_ _ ed.

    • I hear that! Not everyone can do everything, but it is the geniuses among us who know where to go when they need additional help, or better yet someone to do the job for them. I readily admit that there are about 10 gazillion things I cannot do, but what I do, I do well! 😉

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