Refining Self

000strong womenSelf-pity:  pity for oneself, especially a self-indulgent attitude concerning one’s own difficulties, hardships, etc.

Honest Question No. 1: At what point could self-concern and self-care morph into self-pity?

Honest Questions No. 2: How might one course correct, if he found himself indulging in a bit of self-pity?

Honest Question No. 3: Is self-pity real?

Your thoughts?

What is the antidote for self-pity?  When, if ever, is self-pity appropriate?



9 thoughts on “Refining Self

  1. Question #1 I believe it’s all based on degree. Feeling bad about an unpleasant situation is normal human behavior. When feeling bad begins consuming one’s ability to function, self pity has likely evolved into depression.
    Question #2 Re-focusing on one’s personal “mission statement.” Purpose and meaning adds quality to living. This commonly fills a void that can replace self-pity.
    Quality #3 Self-pit is emotions. Emotions are real even if their cause is unknown.

    Antidote: Joyful living. Discovering why a person was placed on this planet and discovering passion for life. This doesn’t mean walking around with a smile 24/7; it means looking forward to each day and searching for the blessed opportunities available. It means learning to let go of negative feelings we tend to harbor and utilizing this “new space” for gratitude.

    • I like the idea of utilizing new space in our heads, hearts, and souls. I’m trying to process how I feel about self-pitying attitudes both within me and around me. Love your answers here. Thank you so much! I know you’ve helped others by sharing your perspective.

  2. I am strengthened by reading this post at the start of my day. It helps me to reflect and to focus. Thank you! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • As you know, I worry a little… Yesterday, the message was about warrior-ing, instead of worrying. Yeah, I needed to hear that!!! Focused on my inner warrior today, and how incredibly fierce she can be!

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