Me & My Baggy Pants!

Attention Ladies:  If you want to feel good about yourself all day, wear baggy pants!


I’m smiling as I pen this post, because this morning I did something silly.  Thinking I had grabbed the right slacks for my day job, I actually put on slacks I had pulled from the dresser last week when sorting through clothes looking for an old shirt to do a dirty job.

These slacks are two sizes too big!

You might think, “Well, how in the world did she not notice they were two sizes too big when she pulled those slacks on this morning?”  Good question!

The reason I didn’t recognize that my slacks were too big this morning is because I’ve returned to my habit of eating only veggies for lunch each day.  Because of this return to what worked for me in the past I have lost a couple pounds, making my slacks fit more loosely than in recent days. When I put these slacks on this morning, I did notice they were loose, but I attributed the fact that I didn’t have to suck-in-my-breath-to-get-them-on to better eating habits and losing weight again.

Ha!  The jokes on me!

The worst part of this silly mistake is that these pants are really, really saggy and baggy and I have to wear them all day long. Ugh!  They feel ridiculous on me, and I’m sure they look ridiculous, too.

Oh, well, like the Mr says, “There’s no point in being dumb if you don’t show it once in a while.”  I’m not sure where he got that rather self effacing concept from, but the thought kinda fits his Mrs today.  I do look a lil dumb in these slacks.

Maybe its time to cull through the old clothes again, and at the very least box up some of these bigger sizes and store them away.  I hold onto them for comparison, but maybe its time to give up on that. Maybe.

What crazy thing did you do in your recent past that made you feel foolish?  Do you hold onto clothes that are too big for you? Why?


One thought on “Me & My Baggy Pants!

  1. I save all my clothes! I never know when they will come back into style.

    Surgical scrubs, however, never seem to go out of style. 🙂

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