Friday Funday


We have a dog and a cat at home. The cat is an outside/inside cat, meaning she hunts all night and sleeps on my bed all da, the recliner, the couch, or my bike seat all day, preparing, presumably, for the time when she can hunt again.  Recently, she’d been looking pretty haggard and then, yep, you guessed it–she yorked all over my chair.

Bad cat.  Bad, bad cat!

It’s bad enough dealing with all the shedding fur this time of year, but this, THIS is an insult to my good nature.

Enough!  Out she goes.  No more Mr Nice Guy for her, and I don’t care a wit if it hurts her psyche or not.  I have my softhearted limits, you know.

Do you have a pet?  Dog, cat, or lama?