Holidays, Birthdays, and Exhaustion


Memorial Day weekend was busy for us, as it was for millions of Americans.  We did the country things with family and friends.  One of the wee ones turns FIVE tomorrow, so we celebrated his birthday and mine together on Sunday.  There was a lot of yummy foods around, but the best part of the day was being together time with those we loved.  Of course there was cake, with a batman on it.  There were also gifts exchanged, and stories told, and laughter heard, and water balloons thrown.  I was exhausted when it was over, but only in the best of ways.

I hope you all had a wonderful time this past weekend with your family and friends, and I hope that if you were exhausted at any point, it was only in the BEST of ways!

What yummy thing did you have to eat over the Memorial Day holiday?  What fun things did you do with family and friends?