Ithaca, New York

Today the fam treated me and the mr. to a road trip for part of my birthday celebration. We drove to Ithaca, and spent the afternoon on the lake, feeding the geese and goslings and soaking up the hot NY sun. It’s not usually this warm in NEPA in May, so we were taking full advantage of the good weather.  What a gorgeous day!

Before we hit the road, I’d caught myself several times thinking about my three teeny tiny goals. Goal No. 3 has been on my mind alot.

I’m psyched about the chance to find my balance in life again, and I think I really believe it’s possible at this time, which hasn’t always been the case.

This weekend I’m not thinking about food, as much as I’m focused on behaviors. Example:  Tomorrow we are having company over. Perfectionist Lori who loves order craves a setting that is flawless, so when family members who are not perfectionists want to put up a new door screen on the pavillion, perfectionist Lori quickly gets frustrated.

It’s not lined up right.

There’s a pucker over there.

Let try again for the fifth time!

It was at this point that I stopped, realized a personality trait of mine was preventing me from finding the balance I sought between readiness and fun, and regrouped.  I said the serenity prayer, reminded myself I’m not in control of all of life or other people, and went on with the project.

When I got back to the pavillion after looking for the hammer, don’t you know, someone had rejiggered things and was making adjustments to the screen without a word said by me.

I love it when that happens!

I’m feeling the balance slowly seeping back into my conscious mind and life.  Yay!

I couldn’t be happier!!!



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