Remembering to be Sad

Memorial Day plans changed, so mr and me will be hosting others this coming weekend instead of walking along the lake alone.

I think I’ll just sit here and wallow for a while today!

The Good News: We both love our families, so its not a hardship to entertain them. Not at all!  I just regret having to postpone our vacation, but it won’t be forever. Just for now.

When has a change of plans upset your apple cart?


10 thoughts on “Remembering to be Sad

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Too many times to count – those nice little dinners for 2 that suddenly become dinners for 6 or 8 when kids and the friends show up. Or the family vacation for 4 that suddenly turned into one for 11 when my father decided he wanted to go to Walt Disney World with us one last time. Have you ever tried to coordinate schedules for 11 people. Ooops, I guess you hit a nerve.

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