Thursday Takedown!

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It’s Thursday and I’m feeling fine!!!  No, scratch that. I’m feeling better than fine; I’m feeling good, really good!

What makes this Thursday different from previous Thursdays is that this week I’m taking down the food demons using Intermittent Fasting, and IF-ing my way through dealing with my feelings regarding hunger.  Dr. J over at Calorie Lab has often suggested I try IF to deal with my stagnant weight experience, but you know how we gals are—we have to “feel it” before we “try it,” and until now I wasn’t feeling it.  Sorry, Dr. J—just being honest.


What prompted me to consider IF this week was the outcome I experienced after a weekend jaunt to the north country, where my son and daughter-in-law eat very differently from the way I eat on a daily basis.  I watch, watch, watch my sugar intake at home, and I try very diligently to veer away from processed foods, which cause me physical pain (although I did eat at a Chinese restaurant last night and am regretting that today).  Sometimes, due to social convention and family obligations, you just find yourself there. When that happens, this girl does what she needs to do, and tries not to obsess on her food plan too much, but I always know I will pay the price the next day with increased pain in my joints…

…back to my explanation concerning IF and changing up my eating patterns.

I have used fasting before as a spiritual discipline and have found nothing gets my head cleared sooner and more effectively than prayer and meditation, so I am no stranger to the technique. However, I have never used the discipline to lose weight, and I don’t feel like I am doing that now.  Rather, I am using IF as a way to put food in its proper place in my life and to reduce both my intake of calories and the fluctuations of BGLs in my body.  I see this as being my body’s best friend and doing what is right for it.  The results of my IF-ing, is that I am feeling more invigorated, more energetic, and more clear-headed, which of course, I knew would be the results of this exercise.  I just needed to be in the right place to put this practice in place before I began, and that weekend in the north country made it happen.  Pain is a great motivatior!!


Because it’s Thursday, I am here to post some new goals for the week, and to talk about how I did with last week’s goal list.

I did GREAT!!! Yahoo!!!

All three teeny, tiny goals were met, and I think I already shared that the financial goal for the sale—The BIG SALE—was met too:  $3,450.00.  Woohoo!!!!  All that money goes to help struggling individuals in our community. ALL of it!  I love that Sale!

Other goals for me for last week were to get back on the baked oatmeal train, and to follow-up with that SD I had contacted, seeking some objective feedback and guidance to help me reach beyond my mental borders at this time.  I did both!

Two big wins!  Yay, Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As I embark upon another day of goal setting, I do so with a wider net to cast.  The goals need to be teeny-tiny in order to be easily achievable, but they don’t have to be a list of mundane activities. They can be more expansive. Heck, they can be whatever I want them to be, but the one thing they must always be is teeny, tiny.  That means if you’ve come here looking for earth-shattering goal setting behaviors, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Little, easy, achievable, relevant—that’s what I’m shooting for, and I’m hoping to encourage others to see what I’m doing and devise their own plans for doing something different themselves.  We are all role models to someone, right?  I want to be a goal-setting role model to someone, maybe you…


  1. Read three chapters from a current healthy-living type publication and blog about what I learn there.
  2. Continue on with my IF-ing experiment, IF-ing at least 3 x per week.
  3. Report my current weight as a coded message in at least one blog post this week.

Yikes!! That last one will be tough.  Can I do it?  I can!  Check back and keep me accountable this week for my goals.  Moving back into a more health-centric goaling frame of mind these days.

Wow, I really do feel good today!!!

What do you think of goal-setting habits?  Do you have an opinion on IF-ing to take charge of your health and life?



3 thoughts on “Thursday Takedown!

  1. Thank you!! Make sure you are careful as you do IF. You know yourself best. You must account for your diabetes and blood sugars. I do IF, but I do not know how it will affect someone with your issues.

    • Thank You!!! I don’t take any meds for my T2D, so as long as I don’t go too strong and hard with the practice, I should be fine. Controlling with diet and exercise alone.

  2. First, I am glad for you that this is something that excites you. Motivation is a key component to positive results.

    My philosophy on life is different, however. I am a “lifer.” This means following a REALISTIC LIFE TIME plan flexible enough to satisfy comfort food needs while achieving healthy lab values as well as physical and emotional results. Intermittent fasting for those with metabolic concerns can potentially cause issues. It is my belief (which is ONLY an opinion) that LONG TERM patterns of living are the most effective in establishing habitual behaviors that achieve LONG TERM desired results. Implementing short term intermittent approaches just doesn’t seem to get the job done over the long haul.

    I don’t believe in changing the frequency or type of foods eaten either. When a person goes from weight loss to weight maintenance (the most difficult transition) by limiting the dietary changes to the “quantity of food” rather than changing the types of food, it becomes easier to prevent abnormal hormonal responses. Remember, food is information. If you are providing the same information in a larger quantity (to satisfy the calorie needs for weight maintenance) the body already knows what to do.

    As for PAIN being a great motivator, you are absolutely right. BUT, BUT, BUT this is a HORRIBLE symptom to rely on to change behavior. I would encourage people to rely on their INTELLIGENCE and do what is in their best interest rather than wait for their bodies to break down (PAIN) before taking action to UNDO THE HARM! We must look at self destructive behavior for what it is and not how lucky we may be in delaying the inevitable required change of behavior.

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