Time Away

In 9 days, six hours, and 22 minutes mister and me leave for our weekend get-away at Lake George. Can you tell I’m excited to hit the open road? He is more excited than me, I think.  My excitement comes from thoughts of going somewhere with him, but far away from everyone else.  We love the area around Lake George!



I guess I best only speak for myself about what my plan is for the Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

Sleep in late in the morning.

Stroll on the sandy shore, wild winds blowing through locks both golden and grey.

Take a ton of pictures.

Shop at the outlets.

Write, write, and write.

Snuggle with mister.

Go exploring.

Sit on the porch at the hotel.

Get an ice cream cone at famous Martha’s.

Visit an antique shop.

Fool around.

Make merry.

Be irresponsible for a full ten minutes.

Eat a bagel with coffee at Spots, in Glen Falls.

Kayak, if the weather cooperates; dream of kayaking, if not.

Get my toes wet in the surf.

Maybe travel to Brattleboro, Vermont on a day trip.

What will you  be doing on Memorial Day this year?  What would you do if money were no issue?


3 thoughts on “Time Away

  1. This sounds brilliant and I hope you guys are having a wonderful time!!!

    We don’t have Memorial Day on the continent, but we had Pentecost and Monday was off (at least in a few countries), which was used to sleep in and bake bread and brownies 🙂

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