Big Sale, Big Blessings!

The Big Sale total for the weekend (drum roll, please), $3,450.00, with additional monies coming in for tabs run up by workers at the sale.

My part of the event was load-out and clean up. We were loaded out and spic and span by 12:55pm. Some kinda record, I think. 🙂

Not too shabby for a lil country church in the middle of cow-country USA!

All-read:100%-of the money earned from this sale will be used to help meet the needs of struggling folks in our community! Woohoo!!

When have you done community service?  How did serving others make you feel?


4 thoughts on “Big Sale, Big Blessings!

    • I agree! What we are able to do with this money in a small community is phenomenal. So many are helped. I love this sale and I’m proud of the church for doing what is necessary to make it happen every year. It’s a lot of work!!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Mr really enjoyed it this year too, after a certain someone who was a bee in the ointment was removed from the equation. Negative people drain us pretty quickly, I must confess.

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