000boat on lake

Pray to God, but row towards shore.  Russian Proverb

As you know if you’ve been around my blog for long, I am a spiritual person.  I depend on God for insight, answers, and encouragement every day.  Some days are rougher than others for me and I’m sure the same is true for you, but what I have been reminded of today is that while I may pray for God’s help in getting the answers I seek, it’s still important for me to do my part.

I am part of the solution!

When have you felt rowing to shore might be beyond your ability?  From where does your strength come?


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    • I’ve heard that before, but it hit me in a different way today. What a wonderful way to think about something I might be tempted to think is insignificant (my talents or abilities). I think people see what they do well as nothing special, but how wrong they are. It only seems like nothing because they do it do effortlessly, and they do it so effortlessly (after decades of doing it), because it is their thing…their gift from God. Hard for others to replicate, but what THEY were always meant to do!! How neat!

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