TGT mast headIt’s Thursday again, already??  Where does the time go?

Time for an update…


1  Make that call and set a time to meet with my new spiritual director.

2  Make final arrangements for workers on Sale Day this Saturday.

3 Search for a special THANK YOU card to send to my friend in return for her gifts to me.


I gotta say that I did really well at my goals this week. I’m super excited to report I completed them all!  Yay, me!!!

Goal No. 1 DONE!  I called the SD like I said I would. A win!  The bad part:  I got his voicemail. 😦  This guy is super busy helping people, which means it may take a while to get an appointment with him. It might even take a while to get a call-back from him, but what’s that they say about busy people?  If you want something done, ask a busy person?  Yeah, I’m asking, and I will let you all know when that call comes in and the appointment is set. For now, it is enough to have hit my goal and made the call.  Again, Yay!!!

Goal No. 2 DONE!  I have people lined up to help with the move-out for the big sale and those people have trucks at the ready.  A little snag occurred in my planning when I found out that the place our event organizer had chosen to send our left overs wasn’t willing to accept adult clothing donations.  What???!  That’s the majority of what we have left after a sale.  I immediately went to work finding another venue for the clothing donations, and YES, I found one!  We will be heading in two directions after the sale to make drop-offs for left overs and that is additional work I didn’t expect to have to do, but its okay.  Today is the first day of the sale and I’m excited about the potential. I love this event and will be on the “sales floor” bright and early Saturday morning, pushing hard for those last few items to fly out the door.  !00% of the proceeds for this sale help the disadvantaged in our community.  I’ll say it again–I love this Sale!!!  [did you see what I did with the exclamation point there. Yeah, I love exclamation points!!!!!]  LOL


Goal No. 3 Done and DONE!!!  I searched until I found the nicest card I could find and then wrote the nicest note I could write and sent it off to my friend this week. I hope it blesses her when she reads it as much as she had blessed me with my early birthday giftings.  Ain’t friends grand??!  🙂

Now, for a new week’s list of goals…


1  Sale, Sale, and SALE. All day Saturday I will help with the sale, the move-out, the transportation of donations left over, and the clean up of the facility.  A full day, indeed!

2  I will make sure to bake some oatmeal on Sunday afternoon, to have for breakfast this week. I have been slipping in this area, but I will revive the practice of daily oats in the a.m.

3  I will follow-up with the spiritual director of my choice, calling again if I don’t hear from him and making arrangements to sit down with him, at least once, to go over my needs.

I’m excited for how this weekend’s activities might turn out.  I hope you are excited about your weekend, too.

Why is goal-setting important to you?  Do you volunteer your time, and if yes, when, where, and how?




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  1. Sounds like results worth repeating for this coming week. It seems like you have gained so much more self confidence in yourself and your ability to be more disciplined. You will see how this affects the quality of life over time. Congratulations on your transformation!!!!! (I know you like exclamation points!!!!!)

    • I do so LOVE exclamation points!!!! Life, in my opinion, is all about leaving your mark and mine will be an exclamation points, for sure!!!!!

      I came out of the womb about a ga-zillion times more the organizer and methodical worker than my siblings. Sometimes I worry that makes me a more one-dimensional woman, but as it is my default setting to yearn for organization, I don’t see me leaving that pattern anytime soon. I just wish I could transfer the desire to plan and follow-through to my eating and exercise. There is where I struggle, and too much struggle makes life suck! I’m working to make more structure less sucky, but still finding my bliss in the process. LOL

  2. I’ve noticed that your weekly goals has morphed into a to-do list rather than diet and exercise as it was before. Reading your comment above seems to explain it.

  3. Hmmm, you might be right in that assessment, Dr J. Like I said, I’m pulled in the direction of organization, but at the same time I am looking for long term habit and change as my objective here. You know I appreciate reader feedback that points these things out to me. I do need to think more objectives than assignments going forward. Will see how meditation on this point helps me to better define my goals going forward.

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