Dawn of the Email Trekker

000customsAfter today, I think I could publish a guide on how to lose your mind while trekking through the shadowlands of the US Customs system.

‘Nuff said.

They have probably red-flagged me now.

Hey, it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you!  😉

Have you ever dealt with international shipments of goods?  Was the number of emails that flew back and forth between you and freight brokers on that occasion more of less than a ga-zillion?


4 thoughts on “Dawn of the Email Trekker

  1. I can imagine it might drive one crazy being stuck at custom. But looking back some day, it probably became a funny story you can tell the wee ones 😉
    My boyfriend is also always “lucky” with customs or security – it’s always something like “Sir, stop please, we have to investigate you.” So far I’ve always been lucky besides some very disturbing bomb tests on my gadgets. But that’s also more funny than nerve-wracking looking back 🙂

    • Oh, dear, about your boyfriend. My niece recently went with her mister on a romance cruise vaca, and she was searched at the airport THREE times, while hubby soared right through. Who knows why one type triggers further searching and another doesn’t. ???

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