To the Moon, Alice!


I am going to age myself with this one, unless [oh, hope against hope], the Honeymooners are in syndication on cable these days.

It’s just that, well, on some days, dealing with some people, I really am tempted to physical violence.  I never give in to it, but I will confess to being tempted.

Why can’t people who will not work zip their lips when others are doing the heavy lifting?

My mister, who is a Viet Nam veteran and deals with PTSD and depression has offered to help with a big project this week and all he’s gotten is grief.  Really?!  He is willing to lift, and tote, and lug, and all you can give him is sarcasm and sass?  REAAAALLLY?

In my inner woman, I’m whittling a branch from a weeping willow tree down to its skinniest nub and getting ready to whip the backs of some legs. That’s what my grammy did when we were little and got in her flower beds.  She was fast!! Seriously, you should have seen that gramma run, and she caught us every time–welts along the calves of our legs were our reminder for next time.  Leave the flower beds alone!!!

Did she hate us. NO!!!  She wanted us to act responsibly and grow up to be good and functioning citizens who helped others and did our part to contribute in constructive ways.

Was she wrong in her actions?  NO!!! She knew left to our own devises we would pick her flower beds clean and trounce all over her lilies, destroying them.  She’d worked too hard to see that happen.

Did she love us?  YES.

Did we love her?  OH, YES, YES, YES!!!

Today, I need to practice my mediation techniques and calm down.  THEY need to settle down, too. My husband is tranguil and fun-loving most of the time, but that can change when he’s been pushed too far.  Painted into a corner, they will hear him tell them in colorful details how he feels about their lack of participation while their tongues continue to wag.

When have you been part of a team that included a couple self-important blowhards?  How do you handle lazy people who want to be boss?

3 thoughts on “To the Moon, Alice!

  1. School. Group projects typically included people uninterested in participating but offering criticism to those doing the work in fear of receiving a sub par grade for the project. Maybe participating they could have helped influence the end result in stead of just criticizing it.

    • Thank you, Deborah! My hubs is one of the most positive and jolly guys I know when he’s not focused on his military service, and even some parts of his service bring back good memories. He is a lover, and not a fighter, so you can imagine how difficult war was for him, especially the kind of warfare our guys saw in Viet Nam–so psychologically unsettling. We are thankful for our Friend in the Sky, who has done much work with us, and helped mister see that he is forgiven for being part of a horrible scenario not of his choosing. That acceptance and forgiveness goes a long way on the bad days (nights).

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