What Matters

“Size matters not…” –Yoda

I agree, at least some of the time. I would disagree with the notion that size matters all the time, though.  Let me explain.

On Saturday, I took mum out for an early Mother’s Day celebration.  We visited Eldridge Park in nearby Elmira, NY. Mom has been waxing nostalgic lately, and I have been the lucky recipient of some of her musings.  When she was a kidlet her dad was in the habit of taking her to Eldridge Park, where for 20 cents, he and his eldest could watch a movie projected on an outdoor screen together. Under the stars parent and child bonded, mom said.

I found it heartwarming that a few cents bought such a big piece of real estate in her heart!

While we were driving through the park, we were stopped in our tracks by a momma duck and her ducklings.  The significance of the moment hit me right away.  Talk about size mattering!

000ducklings together

[Actual ducklings seen on Saturday were half this size. The teeny, tiniest things!]

Here, we found ourselves one of five cars, weighing several tons each, suspended in motion by six lumps of downy brown fuzz zigzagging across the entrance to the park. Back and forth they swerved, these  brown mottled puffs of fluff, while we patiently waited for them to push back panic long enough to regain their sense and “get-outta-the-way.”  It was a cuteness overload.

Again, the significance of something small impacting something much larger struck me.

Have you ever been tempted to follow Henny Penny’s lead and proclaim to all in earshot, “the sky is falling!”?  Me, too, but here’s where I go wrong.

The sky is not falling.

Life is not over.

All is not lost.

People do care!!!

Six ducks stopped six cars, while two adults exited their cars in order to shoo them back to safety.  Any of us could have easily driven over them, crushing the life out of them at any moment, but we didn’t.  We altered our plans to accommodate their agendas and we did it willing, while enjoying it thoroughly.  Amazing!!!

My conclusion:  Sometimes cuteness and vulnerability trump size.

I know, shocking, right?!

When have you seen something that convinced you life is beautiful and full of wonder?  What is your favorite thing to do at the park?

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