Early May Goals

TGT mast headLast week I set some new goals. It’d been a while.  It felt good to get back in the rhythm of things, but the week passed quickly. Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly the time passes!  Can you?


1  Set a time for meeting with new spiritual director.

2  Finish reading another chapter of  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and write another review.

3  Finish up PR for sale at church, getting signs updated and posted in the community.


I did pretty well this week meeting goals number 2 and 3–completed them both.  Yay!

It was kinda difficult getting those signs done and out the door for the church sale.  It rained the days I did it.  Doesn’t it always rain the days you have to do outside work?


Goal No. 1 was a bugger this week, and I did not get it done.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get it done. I think I might be hesitating starting up with this fellows, just because my hope is to delve into some of the problems I’m having with hesitation in general these days when I meet with him.  So long as I can put off the initial meeting, I don’t have to deal with the rest of the work, right?  That’s what my slacker brain keeps telling me, anyway.  I have decided to put this goal back on my list for another week and try to get ‘er done. I really need some time with someone unconnected and impartial, who can assist me with some of this hesitation I’m dealing with right now.  Back on the list it goes…

Speaking of rain:  it has rained nearly every day this week in NEPA. The good news is that the rain has been mild and no flooding has occurred. I live on top of a NEPA nob, so flooding is not an issue for me, but I have friends in the lowlands and they have been put to the test the last few years.  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with those kinds of troubles.

Oh, and I finished the book the big bosses from far-off land asked us to read.  I posted about The Five Dysfunctions of a Team last week, but I didn’t do a final summary of the book. That’s on the way, so please look for it and bug me if I don’t get it done.


1  Make that call and set a time to meet with my new spiritual director.

2  Make final arrangements for workers on Sale Day this Saturday.

3 Search for a special THANK YOU card to send to my friend in return for her gifts to me.

Well, that’s about it. This week the goals are purposefully teeny tiny.  As we all know, teeny, tiny goals make for winning scenarios, and winning builds strong habits.  If you’re wondering about this philosophy I hold, check out the explanation of my Three Goals Thursday emphasis here.

Until next week, set some goals, keep ’em tiny, and keep moving forward!

What teeny tiny thing could you set as a goal this week that when completed will make you feel like a winner?  What is the great goal you’ve ever achieved?



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