Let Them Eat Cake

I find it ironic that yesterday I posted about my sugar and flour FREE oatmeal cookies, and today I went to lunch with a friend who surprised me with a half sheet birthday cake about three weeks early.

000whole cake

What is up with that?

Of course I had to have a piece, but I kept it teeny-tiny and then took the cake back to the office to be enjoyed by the minions there. I didn’t get a picture of it until after it’d already been cut into.

My friend does such an awesome job decorating cakes, and this one she made from scratch.  We are both trying to slim down, and she knows I try to avoid the processed stuff, so the cake part of this cake is all home-made.  Yum!

000part cake

Look at that detail!  She is all flowers and lace, and pink everything. Me, not so much, but it sure does look pretty, doesn’t it?

She brought me flowers too, and a beautiful card!


I have the best friends a gal could have!!!  Just call me Lucky Lori!

When have  you been surprised by a friend, in a totally awesome way?  When have you surprised someone else, and what did that surprise include?

8 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

    • Thanks! She is amazing, and she does these cakes all the time. But its not just cakes she does, it’s decorating and planning and her home–you should see her home. I nearly faint just thinking about how much she puts into her home. Me, I do the bare essentials. I still have pictures I have not rehung after moving to the new house, and that was years ago! 😉

      Thanks, too, for the birthday wishes. My actual birthday isn’t until the end of May, but she wanted to surprise me. She did!

  1. It’s a beautiful cake. You handled it very well. I would have eaten a tiny piece as well.
    I love love birthday cake, my favorite food of all.
    Sharing with your work buddies was a great idea. It made your friends happy without going on the hips. Yea!
    You did very well my friend. Also you have a wonderful friend. Will she send me one too?

    • Thanks, Deborah. This friend is a keeper, for sure. She is so good at making others feel special, and I consider her my own gift from God for my life. The cake was yummy, but I’m not a big cake hound, so a teeny tiny piece was plenty for me. It was delish, though! Cake being your favorite thing, I have NO DOUBT you would have had a hard time keeping the piece you had small. The frosting was great, too!! Sorry, don’t mean to tempt you, but it really was good and all home-made.

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