Back to Basics–Sugar and Flour FREE


Disclaimer:  Photo depicts half-eaten cookie, because hey, I couldn’t resist!

Have you ever thought about the good ole days and remembered something that seemed important to you back then?

That happened to me last week.   I was reminded of the walks I used to take, the eating schedule I used to be on, and the cookies I used to love to eat–they are both flour and sugar FREE!

Then it happened!  I looked over at the counter and there, in plain sight, with brown spots all over them, were two bananas.  It was kismet.  I was fated to make a batch of those cookies I had remembered so fondly only the week before.

For all you who would warn me that I need to lose a few more pounds, so treats are probably the last thing I need, this:

These cookies are full of gluten-free old fashioned oats, with sugar-free applesauce, almond milk, and overripe bananas.  They meet every one of my eating goals and I include them in my daily meal plan, so they aren’t really “treats”.

Here is an All Recipes recipe for the cookies, which is nearly identical to the recipe I use.  The big difference with mine is a lot more cinnamon. I love them spicy!

I will warn you: If you make these cookies, be prepared for them to have a very different consistency than your normal crumbly oatmeal cookie. Without flour or sugar, these kinda resemble the mouth-feel of a rubbery mouth guard.  But hey, at approximately 52 calories in each cookie ( as opposed to 125-175 per cookie with normal oatmeal raisins), you can’t go wrong with these.

Remember what I said the other day:  EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS A TRADE OFF.

These are a good trade-off if you ask me.  Enjoy!!!

What is your favorite cookie flavor?  Can you stop at just one?



One thought on “Back to Basics–Sugar and Flour FREE

  1. You have discovered the secret to compromise. This is a wonderful example of “having your cookie and eating it too.” It satisfies the comfort need without causing harm to the body. In fact, it provides it with good quality oats. Well done young lady!

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