Have you been there?


One of hub’s favorite episodes from Parks and Rec is the hunting episode.

Why? Because he loves hunting, or did once.  Now, he loves talking about hunting more than actually getting out there and freezing his bum off hunting.

Good for the woodland fellows, for sure!

During P&R’s hunting episode, Ron gets shot in the head and he’s angry. Who wouldn’t be?

I know how he feels.

I’m sometimes angry too, and when I am the last thing I want someone to say is, “Calm down.”

I might need to calm down.

I might be better off if I did calm down.

Everyone around me might be better off if I calmed down.

Problem is, the last thing I want them to say to me in that moment is, “Calm down.”

Absolute last thing!

But today I’m not angry, and during the past five years I can only remember a handful of times when I was angry.  I attribute that to hormones mostly, or the lack thereof, but it might be partly due to maturity. Let’s hope so.  😉

These days when I’m tempted to get angry I say to myself, “Self, is the amount of energy you’re about to expend on anger worth the effort it will take to regain a sense of peace and serenity after the fact?”  In most instances, it’s not, so why do it.

Everything in life is a trade-off!  Remember that and you will do well in this world.

Have you ever been so angry that staying calm was the furthest thing from your mind?  What constructive thing did you do with your anger, or how did you move past it?


11 thoughts on “Have you been there?

  1. It’s like when people say, “be careful” after you trip over something. Very helpful, lol

    Seriously, “Is there anything I can do to help” goes a long way.

  2. It’s ironic that I posted about this topic today. Made a follow up appointment with PCP after mister got a nasty tick bite that is now infected. Traveled 45 minutes to take mister to that appointment only to be told doc was called away and we would have to reschedule. Oh, goodness, what opportunity anger is giving me to react today. LOL

  3. Lost my cool in the gym and that takes a lot because I usually walk away from these situations. Had to set an example, because I knew the situation would repeat itself if I didn’t. Fortunately, I was able to clear the situation exclusively with WORDS. I’m too old to lift my fists in anger!

  4. Love the scene from Parks and Rec! 😀
    I easily get a little bit angry about all kind of stupid stuff, though it might be more an annoyance and I can easily get rid of it by breathing deeply in and out. But when I’m in a my-head-is-about-to-explode anger, basically nothing can stop me, I’m a typhoon ready for destruction 😉
    But the more time passes, the more I calm down. If I need an instant distraction to not explode, I clean and scrub everything I can get my hands on. It’s like an instant therapy and very effective for the cleanness feeling 😀

    My mom keeps saying something similar like you … we all calm down and become more “peaceful” with the age. Either this, or it’s the hormones. I hope for both 😉

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