Last Week in April

TGT mast head-APR 2016

It’s been a few weeks since my last goal posting.  My reflections of that last one is that I was growing tired of setting goals every week and needed some time away from the process.

Even goal-setting can become tedious at times, but I’m back with three teeny, tiny goals today and ready to begin again.


1  Set a time for meeting with new spiritual director.

2  Finish reading another chapter of  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and write another review.

3  Finish up PR for sale at church, getting signs updated and posted in the community.

Every May we have a huge church sale. All proceeds from the sale benefit our Benevolence Ministry. We use that money to help struggling individuals in our community all year long. We’ve done some great work with those funds in previous years.  We will do great things with it again this year.  I love this sale. It’s so much fun!  I hate rummage sale-ing, so its weird that I love this event as much as I do, but I think I love it so much because of all the good it does.

It feels good to do good!

Do you ever tire of setting goals?  What teeny, tiny thing have you been putting off, but feel like you could tackle it this week?



2 thoughts on “Last Week in April

  1. I’m the worst example of a goal setter you could find. Maybe because when I first started my career I accomplished one of my two goals in just two years (become residency director), and I realized my other goal (become a board examiner) was not possible because of how the organization was structured, not dependent on my efforts as I had already fulfilled all the requirements. So I never set goals, I just do it 🙂 and it has worked for me.

    • L says:

      It most certainly does work for you!!! You are my role model, you know. One day I hope to be half as focused and directed as you, Dr. J. One day…

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