The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


This week the new bosses are in town.  That means we are having lots of meetings, and a few changes are being made.  A book has been distributed (title above).  It is presented as a Leadership Fable.  I’m reading it today.

This book, by Patrick Lencioni, has been lauded as a workable tool for bringing awareness of dysfunction to leadership dynamics.  Apparently, the new bosses have bought many copies of the small fable-type NY Times Bestseller and have left numerous copies of it around their facility in far-off land.  We were gifted a few copies today, with the encouragement to read it.

I love gifts!  Don’t you?

My hand went up.  I’ll read it.

I began.

Easy read.

Interesting premise.

Doesn’t hurt that the main character in this fable is a 50-something woman. Yay!

My initial thoughts:

I’ve heard it all before.

I have no problem with team dynamics.

This will be a waste of my time.

But, if I can read it on company time, then maybe…

I just finished the chapter entitled: The Speech.

It points out that no team can function in the absence of trust.  I agree.  The book has caught my attention.

Over the next few days I will be reading more of this little fable on leadership and teamwork. I’ll also be checking in to let you know my thoughts.  If you’ve read the book, chime in with your own observations.  I’m all ears.

What dysfunctions have you seen operating as part of a failed team in your professional past?  What is the most troubling thing you’ve experienced when working with others on a project?

4 thoughts on “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

  1. I once put together a successful grant at my university just before I left the position. My department chairman and another chairman took my grant and changed the protocol. Their research yielded NO useful data. That’s my answer to both of your questions.

    • I’m almost done with reading it, and will be posting further about my impressions of the book. I have to say that I did enjoy the fable-y way the info was presented. An easy read, and already I am identifying with some of what is being shared.

      I also have to say, I see some of this dysfunction in my office. :/ I guess that is to be expected, though.

      Thanks for stopping by to read the post and for commenting. Come back soon!

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