Wee Boys

Today and tomorrow I will be helping out with the wee ones.


What this means is that I am free of the desk, free of the keyboard, free of the commute, and free of my home town.

I’m FREE to snuggle, hug, giggle and tickle my way through forty-eight glorious hours with the objects of my love.

Yay again!

I may not post to the blogs on Thursday.  I may not have time.

I may be filling my cup with cherished memories.

I may not even remember the passwords to my blogs. Maybe.

It’s gonna be GREAT!  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back, but for now, hug the ones you love and go, make some memories.  You can always work another day.  For now, run, hug, eat, love, and be joyful!

What is that one thing that you would skip work for any day of the week?  When was the last time you did it?


3 thoughts on “Wee Boys

  1. This sounds great and I hope you had a brilliant time! 🙂
    I would skip work just for the possibility to lie in bed some more, but otherwise, I love to grab my camera, drive some place I’ve never been before, explore it in length and shoot tons of photos.

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