The Long and Short of it


I love to write!

Heck, I love to talk.

I’ve been called verbose before.  True story.

I love all things bloggy, but honestly, long posts trip me up.

I don’t have time to read; not nearly enough, so I get frustrated when one of my favorite bloggers pens an epic post.  When that happens, I almost always have to print it out and divide up the reading into bite-sized portions, especially if I’m just “poppin’ in” to read what was written during a break at work, or at lunch.

I’m selfish, I know, but during my break times I want to check in with as many bloggers as I can, and when one or two of them post a 7000 word article (yes, I’m exaggerating for affect), I regrettably have to pass by without reading it, or I only read part of it, or worst yet, I’m forced to print it to read later.  Ugh, I hate reading L.A.T.E.R.

The worst part of reading later is then I have to comment later, which makes me feel out of the loop.

Poor me, right?

This is definitely a first world problem, but still…

I want to read what you guys write (!!!), and I want to absorb it all before I comment.  You share such fascinating and helpful information, and I want to “get it” all, but here’s the thing:  I have a hard time doing that if the post is too long or it contains information that is challenging for me, a novice to those things you know well, to comprehend.

All this to say:

  1.  I love reading my fellows blogger’s stuff.
  2. I’m trying to comprehend and absorb as much of it as I can.
  3. Regrettably, my reading time is limited.
  4. I wish it weren’t!
  5. Thank you for serializing those more challenging postings!!
  6. You Rock!!!!

Do you wish you had more time to read the articles posted by your blogger friends?  How much time do you typically spend writing or reading any given post?





7 thoughts on “The Long and Short of it

  1. You stated this very diplomatically. I am so naive, sometimes I need the point to slap me directly in the forehead. Another blogger made this suggestion to me and I plan to utilize it. What is the point of trying to help people if you’re making their life more difficult in the attempt. If I write a longer blog, I will create a summary FIRST to help the reader decide if it is worth their time to read the entire article. My goal is to be a constructive tool in the blogging world; not an additional source of STRESS!
    I know this wasn’t intended directly at me and I am NOT offended in any way. I think you’re smart for letting your fellow bloggers know your needs. I think bloggers that listen are equally smart.

    • Most of the time I aim to express myself through principles, without bringing personalities into it. I’m almost never aiming at anyONE. Almost never! 😉

      You’re right, it was a general statement that focuses on a frustration of mine, and is not a targeted post. Irony of ironies, though, I noticed it was a bit long-winded. LOL

      I get frustrated when I have limited reading time and I’m trying to digest something I perceive to be of great importance/interest to me, but because it involves a subject I’m unfamiliar with (or resistant toward–I can be quite stubborn), I struggle to absorb it. It happens occasionally, and always stresses me out.

  2. I once told a new blogger that if she wanted to get more readers to make her very long posts shorter. Hell hath no fury as a criticized woman blogger!

    • Hahahahah! I hear ya, but you were right to tell her that. Time is precious and as I’m sure you know, there isn’t nearly enough of it to go around most days. That being the case, I have to pick and choose. I’m with you. If you want to have an impact and build readership, write shorter posts! It doesn’t have to be epic to be captivating. Sometimes less is more!

  3. I find that when a post is excessively long, I begin to skip,or scan. I very rarely print out a longer post. I might have good intentions, but the reality Is that I won’t get to it.
    That is why on my blog I limit my posts to 250 words or less. I personally think that this is the ideal length for a daily post.,Also, since I post daily, this is the length I’m comfortable with given time constraints. I’m not one of those who is up in the middle of the night furiously writing.
    All the best

    • I once went through a period of writer’s block when I posted 150 words per post. I can churn out 150 words without breaking a sweat, or even breathing hard, so it worked for me. LOL

      I especially like your 250 word limit on your blog, Moshe, because the content you provide is thought provoking and because it is shorter I neither rush through it, nor hurry along. Instead, I’m able to pause, consider, and be thankful–all very good things, indeed!

      Question for you while I have you here. I’m guessing you have many more readers than commenters, due to anonymity issues. Is that right? I sometimes really love a post you’ve written, but refrain from commenting because of the content and it’s close-to-the-bone truthfulness.

  4. I definitely have a lot more readers than commentators. I never really thought about it, but I think you are right. When people comment they lose a bit of their anonymity. Perhaps people fear that. I personally don’t have any problem putting who I m out there

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