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This week has been extraordinary!!!  [you know that has to get an exclamation mark].

Wednesday I felt great!  No pain meds all day.

Hard to believe.

Thursday I felt great again! I moved a lot, even going for a walk after supper with no pain.


Again, today, no pain.

What is going on with this body of mine?  I always hurt.  Every day!

I ate eggs for breakfast Wednesday, Thursday and today.

Could it be that?

Seems weird, but maybe…

Personally, I think its because I have been “letting things go” more than I usually do.

I’ve been trusting more that things will work out.

Could the mental choices I’m making account for this physical wellness I’m experiencing?

I don’t know, but it seems more likely an answer than eggs.

Just sayin’…

Have you ever been surprised by how you felt or a sudden change of fortune?  What one thing do you do that brings a heightened sense of serenity to your life? 


2 thoughts on “Reeelaxxxxed

  1. Things improve as we incorporate MULTIPLE changes in our lives. We don’t know the magic number of things to change, but we do know the synergistic benefits of combining “things” that move us in a better direction. (Stress reduction, better nutrition, restful sleep, proper hydration, etc…) The beautiful thing about combining healthy choices is the lack of need we develop for unhealthy ones! As you continue to experience more and more good days, watch what happens to the need for pain medication. 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I’m glad you had no pain on this day. I pray you have no pain today.

    I’ve sent you another award. There is no required assignment, just enjoy the awards.

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