Truman Show


Do you ever feel like the old phrase “nothing’s new under the sun” is ten thousand gazillion times more true now that we have the interweb to bring information to our desktops, phones, and tablets?

I’m feeling that way lately.

Or perhaps I’m somehow caught up in a Truman type universe, where TV producers and gossips are spying on me and recording my conversations in order that they might create their own blog plots from my raw material.

Who knows?

Hey, it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get ya, right?  😉

Do you ever feel like someone is standing around the corner and eavesdropping on your conversations?  How often do you think of something only to have someone else mention it moments later? 



4 thoughts on “Truman Show

  1. People need to be careful with what they say these days. There is a great deal of chaotic “noise” increasing the stress in many lives. We need to relax and think before we speak or act.

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