Food Pantry-DONE!



It feels good to have one of my goals for this week checked off.

It feels even better to have that confusing food pantry sorted out!

BEST of all-the sorting made for a planning session of sorts for dinners this week.  Homemade potato soup last night, with left overs tonight.  Something using marinara later in the week…

I honestly didn’t have much to throw away–lots of old grains and lentils, some flour of the almond and coconut variety that was long past expiration dates on the labels, if there even was one.  I tossed some canisters I had in there, and cleaned up a couple others to reuse.  Other than canned fruits and veggies, I don’t have much stored in my food pantry.  I do have a number of pastas, but I rarely eat them. Mr does, but I don’t, much.


Tonight, I’m off to traffic court!  Not my court hearing, but homework for the real deal.  I’ll be observing, getting a feel for the ADA and Judge in this tiny village, and deciding if I want to ask for concessions re: my not-guilty plea, or do I want to go to court and defend myself against the charges.  I’ll letcha know how it goes.


Today, I’m grateful that we live in a country where we have the opportunity to at least be heard by law enforcement.  These guys work together all the time, though, so if I get an impartial hearing it will only be because God was smiling down on me!1

Friends who will do traffic court homework with me!

My recumbent bike!

An A1C of 5.7 without diabetes meds. Woohoo!!!

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?  Was getting pulled over and ticketed a better or worse experience than cleaning out your food pantry at home?  😉


4 thoughts on “Food Pantry-DONE!

  1. Your food pantry looks good! I just put my tins where ever I have some space – it’s a nightmare, let me tell you :/
    Good luck with the traffic court! My fingers are crossed that all is going to run smoothly.
    Currently I’m lucky and my last speeding ticket is already a couple of years back, but I’m going home in a few weeks again … sweet speed limit free German Autobahn drool Will try to mind my speed in the restricted areas, though 🙂

    • The German Autobahn sounds nice. I bet me and Mr would love it there. I’m really not a speed demon at all. New York State just has a sign problem. I’ll be blogging about it later today.

      My food pantry is so much friendlier now that I’m cleaned and sorted its contents. I think it is sleeping better now, and I know I am. LOL

  2. If you look at ( you’ll see an old Tupperware ad for straightening out a pantry, lol!

    • Ha! That woman is a pantry cleaning wizard, I think. I will confess, though, my kitchen table looked like that as I was rummaging through all the old throw away product!

      That Pyrex bowl at the top of the post, I have some of those. My DIL got me a BIG (and I mean BIII(GGGGGG mixing bowl), used, for Christmas a fews years back. Sooo nice! They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

      I am deeeelighted with my clean and newly organized food closet/pantry, with LIGHT being the main reason for my Deee. It feels so good to have gotten that stuff outta my way. Now I can see what I want, and keep what I need, and nothing else. Ahhh, freeing!!! 🙂

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