SMART Goals and STRETCH Goals


Yesterday, I talked about goal setting in my blog post for Three Goals Thursday.  Today, I ran across this graphic, which explains the SMART goal initiative started by GE that is mentioned in Charles Duhigg’s book, Smarter, Faster, Better. 

I also talked about “closure” yesterday, and its ability to be the dark side of goal setting.

In the book, Charles points out that getting things done requires the use of both SMART goals which have definite timelines attached, and STRETCH goals, which he explains are more long term lifestyle changes or OBJECTIVES in life.

I think I might be STRETCH goal anemic right now.  Maybe.  Either way, I’m really loving the book!

Are you more a fan of SMART goals, or STRETCH goals?  Do others see you as a big picture person, or a more focused and targeted kinda guy/gal?



4 thoughts on “SMART Goals and STRETCH Goals

  1. Like you, I think both aspects are important. I am definitely a “Big Picture” person. As detail oriented as I am, I have come to realize that some details do not enhance the experience or goal and often interfere with the long term process. Conceptual thinking and planning helps people take new experiences and “categorize” them. This creates a common path to follow even before beginning the venture. This can help remove some of the FEAR that people experience with new experiences.

  2. Hey Lori, It’s been a while and I hope you’re alright!
    We just had to create smart goals at work and I found myself struggling with it to no end. Eventually I figured something out that should provide me with some kind of a career, but it also showed me that I have no idea what I want with my life. Which was quite depressing, but also helped … I’m finally aware of this so I hope to be able to figure other things out as well, and maybe even sooner than later.

    How have you been? Hope all is well.

    • Hanni, I have missed you!!! I was just thinking of you the other day. Those SMART goals can be hard to figure out. For me, I try to remember that life is an experiment, and not a test. That helps me. If I miss a goal this week, I repeat it next week. Finally, I get it. Without goals, I would be wandering alot. LOL

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