Blood Labs Done-Results!

Blood test

Remember how I had made it a goal of mine to have my blood draw done THREE WEEKS IN A ROW?

Yeah, I remember!

It was embarrassing, not being able to meet that goal three weeks running.  When I put the goal on my Thursday list this last time I said to myself, “Enough!  This is getting done!!!”

I like exclamation points!!!!!

I also like being able to report I’ve met all my goals!!!!!

Best of all, I like the results I got back from my most recent blood testing:

Cholesterol 148

HDL: 48

LDL: 82

Trigs: 91

Glucose: 97

A1C: 5.7

These results are such a relief to me, and proof positive that eating right and exercising, even the tiniest bit (15-30 minutes each day), can make a big difference in your numbers.

The best feeling of all is that feeling I got when I did something I did not want to do because it was beneficial for me to do it.

No, wait, I lie.

The best feeling was seeing an A1c number within a normal range without diabetic meds!!!!! 

My BUN number on the report showed a tad bit elevated, so I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to tweak my diet and get that number down next time.  Any suggestions, send ’em over.  That number could have been a result of dehydration, since I was about 13 hours out from my most recent meal and drinking, but I’m not banking on that.  In the weeks to follow I will be cutting more protein out of my diet.  I’m hoping the nuts I’m eating is not contributing to this number, because I love my nuts, but I know there is a lot of work I could do to cut out animal proteins in my diet.  I’ll start there and see how it goes.

So glad to have crushed this goal this week!  Now, onward and upward to those other two. I’ve got to report in three short days. I want to do better with my teeny, tiny goals this week!!!!!

What goals have  you set for yourself this week?  How’s it going?


3 thoughts on “Blood Labs Done-Results!

  1. If your BUN was mildly elevated (in your case) I would bet on dehydration over excessive protein based on what you’ve stated in the past. Blood values are based on a moment in time. It is unlikely you have any kidney disease or damage where a moderate protein intake would compromise function.

    Protein was one of the macro nutrients I had to increase in a very large patient population. Turning to fish and more plant based sources might be a consideration rather than red meat. I also believe 15-30 grams of raw nuts (about a 1/4 cup) on a regular basis would be an asset (not a liability) to your health and lab results. Naturally, you should base your decision on dialogue with a licensed professional well versed in NUTRITION and HEALTH who currently maintains your medical records or has had access to reviewing them. The object is to adjust and allow adaptation rather than tipping the scales too quickly by overcompensating.

    • Did I read that right, you had to INCREASE protein consumption in a very large patient population? Do that mean you saw a large number of people, or the people you saw were extra large?

      I don’t eat a huge amount of nuts, but I do love my walnuts in the morning with my oatmeal, and I have been eating peanuts when I get home at night, to stave off hungry while I prepare supper, figuring that doing that is better than munching my way through supper prep. 😉

      • I saw many of both; large people and large numbers of people that consumed smaller quantities of protein than appropriate to maximize the benefits of this macronutrient.

        Both types of nuts offer healthy benefits. I agree that small quantities of these healthy sources of fat are better choices to stave off hunger than eating unhealthy alternatives.

        Congratulations on accomplishing your blood test and getting an “A” on the report card! 🙂

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