Three Goals and Easter Planning

TGT mast headIt’s the Thursday before Easter as I’m logging in today.  My three goals from last week need to be reported on, and I need to add three more goals to my list of habit building behaviors.  If you’re new to my blog, you might not know that I set three teeny, tiny goals for myself each week, and then I work through the week to perform them.  Here’s why I do it!

And here are last week’s goals:

1  Continue on with eating and exercise goals as previously stated.

2  At the end of each work day spend some quality time with Mr, asking him once again the conversation starting question: What concerns you today?

3  Get my blood labs done.


Goal No. 1  Good!  I ate oatmeal for five days out of seven this week.  I could have done better, but one day I was emotionally eating to sooth myself (just being honest here), and today I forgot my oatmeal.  I could have sworn that I still had oatmeal in the frig at work waiting for me, but no. I was wrong.  Dang, I hate when that happens!

Goal No. 2  Not so good!  I did this twice this week, and forgot it was even a goal the rest of the week.  In my defense, this has been a horrible week for me.  A dentist appointment and a speedy ticket.  Ugh!!! Not good and now I’m paranoid about driving.  I was not going fast and I was not being reckless, but I got a ticket anyway.  And get this; the officer who ticketed me made a big deal out of having his supervisor riding with him that morning.  What?  What is that about.  I’m still in a funk about it, but I’m pleading not guilty to the charge and will have my day in traffic court. I’ll letcha know how it goes.  Again, Ugh!  I guess I was more concerned with what concerned me this week, than the Mr. Poor Guy!

Goal No. 3  NOPE!  Did not do it!  Argghhh!  I think I need a vacation about now, or someone with a cattle prod to stick me in the back side to get me moving on this.  See Goal No. 2 for my excuse, or just say a prayer for me.  This one is going back on my list again this week!!!  I am determined to get this done soon.


1  Exercise for 15 minutes every day this week, and eat my oatmeal every day.

2  Get blood labs done!

3  Do an inventory of my pantry this week and throw out anything that is expired or not regularly used by our family.


As for Easter, I’m in full-on planning mode.  I have a protein picked out for Easter lunch, and I have supplies laid up to make some tasty sides.  We will be going veggie heavy, as with all meals at the house on the hill in NEPA, this year.  We have also gone candy-light on all Easter baskets, and still have some wee one sunglasses and hats to purchase.  Other than that, we will be running, jumping, laughing, tickling, loving, reading books, and doing “projects” together over the next few days.  Oh, and gaming with board games. We love that!

We “might” go shopping for one of those battery operated jeeps that the kids ride in and drive themselves.  Maybe. I want to. We’ll see…

I hope you all have a happy and joyous Easter celebration, and if you don’t celebrate Easter, make this weekend a time to get together with those you love and tell them how much they mean to you.

Give love!  Speak Life! Live with Hope!  Plant Peace!!!!

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