Judging Potential


I think it’s true that we often are not good at judging our own abilities.

Some days we judge ourselves too capable, and life shows us we still have some room for growth. That’s called humility.

Some days we judge ourselves not capable enough, when all that is really needed is for us to do something, any little thing to make our corner of the kingdom less cluttered, more encouraging, and more nurturing.

Some days we judge our abilities soundly, and we get off our duffs and do something–that next right thing that makes all the difference.

Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. Pour yours out today!  Give it away, and see what comes back to you.  I know its gonna be something good!!!

When have you judged yourself too harshly?  When have you allowed others to make a judgement about you that wasn’t fair or didn’t take into account all the facts?


6 thoughts on “Judging Potential

  1. Based on my lifestyle, I am often judged unfairly. People assume I judge others and expect others to follow my path in life. I have come to accept this assessment although I consider it to be inaccurate. I do live a structured lifestyle, but certainly do not expect others to. I offer guidance and information; I do not dictate policies and procedures that people must follow. I have found that people who are comfortable with themselves (regardless of potential character “flaws” in their minds) are comfortable around me. I like people, so I adapt pretty easily.

  2. Judging others and myself used to be a big part of my story. As I’ve gotten healthier it has become less of an issue. However, when I’m not immersed in some type of transformational work, it raises its ugly little head once again. I have come to realize that we truly have “only a daily reprieve”
    Finally, I think that you successfully express deep ideas in a compact way. I enjoy your posts and think they have true value
    All the best

    • Thank you for those kind words, and I agree with you wholeheartedly–escaping that judgmental attitude that is a part of my default setting is only possible as I take advantage of that daily reprieve from playing God that is offered to me, and as I cooperate with that all-wise Transformer I know knows what’s best for me.

      I LOVE your site and stop by to read what you share on a regular basis. Good stuff, all around. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, come back any time!!!

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