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I went for my annual exam today.  You know, with the lady parts doctor.  Weirdly, I was looking forward to this appointment.  I felt I needed to touch base with Dr. R, and get her opinion on a couple of issues that have come up in my life lately.


Dr. R shared three important things with me today:

1  That everything, lady parts wise, looked good to her! Whew, that was a relief.

2  That she feels self-care is very important, and that I’m probably not doing enough of it.

3  That she wants me to quit procrastinating about having labs done!

She says I can’t know that what I’m doing right now is the right thing, if I’m not having labs done that show how my body is responding to what I’m doing.

I know, I know, I need to quit procrastinating!

It’s been a while since I had a blood draw, and she was concerned with my cholesterol levels from last time. Apparently, mine were too low then.  I didn’t understand all that she said, but the paper she gave me said my level was below 40.  She says exercise will help bring that level up.  I told her I had been working on that of late, but it wouldn’t show up in any labs, due to the fact that I haven’t had them done in a while.

I shared with Dr. R the fact that I always put off getting my A1C testing done until March of the new year, so I have time to recover from the holiday eating.   She understood precisely what I was saying. I don’t go whole hog during Thanksgiving and Christmas, like some, but I do live during those seasons of the year.  Translate: I eat sugar during the holidays. Within reason, but more than other times of the year.


1  Get a blood draw done soon.

2  Don’t worry about what Hubs VA doctor had to say at his last appointment, and don’t let anyone push me into doing anything I’m not comfortable doing.  (VA doc doesn’t know my medical history or that of my family members.  He is Mr’s doctor, not mine).

3  Get more exercise.

She also ordered labs to test my vitamin D levels.

All in all, it was a good visit. I felt encouraged when I left.  The assistant at this office, like my derma doctor, thought I looked like I had lost weight since my last visit.  The exercise really must be toning, or else everyone has on rose-colored glasses when seeing me these days, or I’m buying particularly slimming clothes lately. 🙂

I am still working on trimming more of the fat every day, but not seeing a whole lot of progress there. Maybe after the blood draw, we will have a better understanding of what’s going on with me and why my body is so resistant to letting go of some of the stored fat.

My blood pressure was excellent. Woohoo!!!

Do you do as much in the way of self-care as you should?  How much time do you spend thinking about what you need to do to take care of you?


3 thoughts on “Lady Parts Doctor Visit

  1. When you mentioned your low cholesterol, you were probably referring to you HDL (high density lipoprotein) that protect the blood vessels and help remove plaque and lower “bad” LDL that increases cardiovascular risks. This number is greatly affected by exercise (both resistance and cardio.)
    Vitamin D deficiency can cause all sorts of abnormalities so getting a baseline is important.
    I’ve been busy lately with caring for my father so I haven’t noticed if your food log has been maintained. This is such an important part of health because it dramatically effects lab values.
    In general, it sounds like you received a good report; just have a little work to do. continued success with your ongoing lifestyle improvement.

    • HDLs were low: 33. LDL was in normal range:92 when last tested.
      I am keeping up with food monitoring and exercise daily, so these values have probably changed.
      I take a vitamin D supplement every day, but will be interested to see if a larger dose is indicated.
      In general the report from Doc was good, but got a call back from imaging this morning. :/

      So glad to have you pop in here today. I’m sure you have been a great help and comfort to your dad. You’re both in my prayers!

      • I’m sure he has considered me a comfort and a pain in the posterior, but one he is glad he participated in having. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
        You sound like you’re doing really well. HDL’s are a little low, but it is only one value in the panel and you are proactively taking the steps needed to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Years ago vitamin D recommendations on average were about 400 I.U.’s. I take between 2500 and 3000 I.U’s on average. This, however, is a vitamin that should be measured via lab panels to determine the proper supplementation if needed.

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