Flowers on a Monday!



When the florist drove up to make a delivery today, I thought it was probably for my co-worker.  She shared this morning that she might have blown the engine on her vehicle over the weekend. She still owes money on it. I felt sorry for her, and thought her flat mate may have had the flowers sent to help alleviate the sting of that notice from the garage.


The flowers were for me. 

How nice, and unexpected, and ANONYMOUS!

Oh, someone is up to something, and I have to say I like it.  🙂

I love tulips, but not everyone knows that, so this “special friend” must be someone close to me.  I have my suspicions who it is, but no confirmation yet.

How nice.  I usually don’t like surprises, but these kinds are always welcome.

Feeling humbled, thankful, and appreciated this morning–and it’s only Monday! Where might this week lead?!

Thank you, Anonymous and very Special Friend!  I love them!  You Rock!!!!

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