3 Goals and Galentine’s

ThreeGoals-AlternativeI can’t believe how quickly seven days can tick off on Life’s stopwatch. It’s almost as if I’m on a jet plane some days. A jet plane soaring through the sky and drawing near to my goals faster than I could ever have imagined. I fear I’m going to smash into the rock wall of my goals. “Whoa, put on the brake’s Life,” I shout, “I’m going way too fast!”

Can you relate?

Regardless of how quickly or slowly this week has moved, it’s Thursday again, and Thursday is my GO day.  It’s that time when I set 3 teeny, tiny goals once again and begin working on them. It’s time to talk about goal and habit once more.

First, a reminder of what I planned to do last week.


1 Investigate small group options for getting together with some lady friends of mine in the near future.

2 Continue on with current eating patterns for one more week.

3 Exercise for 15 minutes each day this week.


I did fairly well with goals No. 2 and 3. There was one day that I did not exercise, and truthfully, I can’t remember why as I’m updating the blog today. All other days this week I ate the way I’ve been eating, and I did exercise, sometimes more than 15 minutes. Most of the exercise I’ve been doing lately is on the recumbent bike, but I am more and more looking forward to getting outside and walking this spring. Soon, the chilly breezes that blow all year long in NEPA will die down, and I’ll be able to tolerate getting outside and walking with my pupper, Mauser the Schnauzer. That guy loves to walk and he loves to ride in the car. We don’t do the car thing nearly as much as we should. He really loves a good ride.

With regards to small group investigations, a few ideas presented themselves, one of them being a Galentine’s Day party of my own. I still need to update you all on the Galentine’s Day party I attend in February. I am so behind in addressing some of these things. The GD event was one of the really fun things I did in February. I can share a few pics right now that were a part of that event, if you want.

Okay, here goes then…

This is the invitation I was sent prior to the event:

000galentine'sThis is the place mat my hostess designed for me:

000Galentines Day takeawayThis is the portrait she did of me. It looks like me, don’t you think?

000Galentines Day protraitThis is the fun collage I took home with me after the event:

000Galentines Day quote from AprilThe one I took with me is shown at the top of this double truck.  I gave it to Mr for Valentine’s Day, along with lots of hugs and kisses. He snickered when he saw it. The quote is from April on the Parks & Rec show. These are the words she speaks to Andy when they marry-her vows.

You have to know April to appreciate the humor. She is all about being ironic in life. Ha!

Another thought I had for a small group get-together with the gals was a simple invitation to breakfast at a nearby restaurant. That one would be way easier to pull off, but would it be as much fun? Obviously not! I just don’t see myself as the party planner/designer. Hospitality is definitely not in my wheelhouse.

Changing directions abruptly:  This week I have been listening to TED Talks and You Tube videos by Dean Ornish. It has inspired me once again to embark on a plant-based diet. I was doing that in the past, but kinda fell off the wagon somewhere along the way. It’s easy to do if you love dairy like I love dairy. Anyway, I am looking again at the changes I need to make to design a more plant-based lifestyle.

I’m determined I’m going to make some changes and stick with them this time. I started this morning with green tea, instead of coffee. We’ll see how that feels later in the week, but because I do feel its times to shake things up with the eating once again, I’m going to include foods and  a lil bit of eating education on my goal list this week.


1 Drink green tea instead of coffee in the morning at least 4 days this week.

2 Listen to more Dean Ornish videos and contact his organization to learn more about his program.

3 Eat oatmeal every day and exercise every day, following routines already established.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can do this!

What goals do you have for yourself this week? How important is it to you to establish some kind of goal emphasis, so that you can begin to build good habits into your healthy life?

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  1. Just as information, Ornish doesn’t eat a pure vegan diet like he uses for patients with heart disease, at least he didn’t. He eats similar to me in that he adds fish and unlike me, some low-fat dairy. He still eats a low fat high plant diet. I think you know I went to med school in Philly. The diet of the locals there was terrible. High meat, fat, cheese, etc. not a healthy way to live, and it shows.

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