Monday Thoughts


What, what, what, project can I tackle today?  Hmmmmm…


Welcome to 5-Minute Mondays, the initiative that tackles those jobs we’ve been putting off and gets them DONE!

Here’s the rules for 5-Minute Mondays.

1  Pick a job you want to do, but still haven’t started.

2  Decide what your jumping off point will be.

3  Set a stop watch or kitchen timer for 5 Minutes.

4  Go!  Get ‘er done.

Remember: We can do anything if we know we only have to do it for five minutes!

Be creative.

Make it fun!

Most importantly…

Get ‘er done!

When you’re finished, share with us what your 5-Minute Monday project turned out to be in the comments section below.  Now, go.  Do.

I believe in you!

My five minute project today is going to be to flush out the coffee pot at work. I put off doing this because I have to stand there and monitor the process the whole time.  This is not a “walk-away and come back to it later” kinda thing, but I can do anything when I know I only have to do it for five minutes.  So can you!

What will your 5-Minute Monday look like today?  Where will you begin?