5-Minute Monday Update


I wanted to log on again today to update you on my 5-Minute project this Monday.

Things went great when I cleaned out the coffee pot in the break room today.

Mind you, cleaning out the coffee pot is not my job, but when you work in small business in America you wear many hats.

I wear many hats!

This morning I decided to wear my helper hat.

A while back I bought this stuff can Dip-It.

Dip-it is specifically engineered to get the nasty stuff out of your drip coffee maker, making it easier to brew a smoother cup of Joe.  It works well.

To use Dip-it when cleaning out your pot, just pour some water into the reservoir on your coffee machine, dump in half a bottle of Dip-It solution, and run a couple carafes of water through the machine. Easy, peasy!  You can find Dip-it on the web, or at your local Walmart or Walgreens stores.

Today, I wanted to help the crew out at work by giving our coffee machine the cleaning it so desperately needed.  Hopefully, this week’s coffee will taste better than it has in a long, long time.

What did you do for your 5-Minute project today?